SafetyUpDate 2017

SafetyUpDate 2017

Aschaffenburg, May 2017
22 presentations, pdf download

The SafetyUpDate has already become a tradition: since 2003 the congress has taken place annually in Aschaffenburg.

The idea behind the SafetyUpDate is simple:

Common seminars typically offer very little new information to experts, since such courses naturally must convey a lot of basic knowledge in order to bring all the participants to same level of knowledge. Experts, however, are particularly interested in the latest developments in their fields. That is what the SafetyUpDate provides: Within two days you receive a detailed update of all relevant fields in automotive safety. It works just like a software update: You do not have to reinstall the entire software, but only those modules that are really new.

All important areas of vehicle safety are addressed:

  • The requirements session covers new findings in biomechanics and accident research, new legal requirements and changes in consumer tests like Euro NCAP.
  • In the methods session, experts present the latest news from testing and simulation and explain how these methods can help you to better meet the continuously increasing requirements.
  • The third session focuses on development strategies for frontal and side impacts. Experts show approaches for the most important crash scenarios.


  • Road Safety under the Trump Administration
    John F. Creamer, GlobalAutoRegs

  • Vehicle Presentati on: Opel Ampera-e
    Mathias Poklitar, Adam Opel GmbH
  • The Future of Safety Testing: The new Mercedes-Benz Technology Center for Vehicle Safety
    Prof. Norbert Schaub, Daimler AG

  • Reducing Harm from Motor Vehicle Crashes: An Overview of IIHS’ Eff orts to promote Safer Vehicles
    David S. Zuby, IIHS Insurance Insti tute for Highway Safety
  • Euro NCAP Adult Occupant Protecti on: Further Development of the Requirements
    Volker Sandner, ADAC e.V.

  • Frontal and Side Impact
    Kai Golowko, Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH

  • Biomechanics
    Dr. Wolfram Hell, LMU Munich University
  • UN-R 79 Update: new Requirements on automated Steering
    Dr. Patrick Seiniger, BASt – German Federal Highway Research Institute

  • Euro NCAP Tests for AEB C2C
    Dr. Patrick Seiniger, BASt – German Federal Highway Research Institute

  • Euro NCAP Tests for AEB Pedestrian / Cyclist
    Dr. Patrick Seiniger, BASt – German Federal Highway Research Institute
  • CAE Simulation - Status and Outlook
    Mark Gevers, TECOSIM Technische Simulation GmbH

  • Safety and Crash Regulations
    Oliver Zander, BASt – German Federal Highway Research Institute

  • Pedestrian Protection
    Dirk-Uwe Gehring, BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH
    Dr. Thomas Kinsky, Adam Opel GmbH

    Dr. Johann Gwehenberger, Allianz Zentrum für Technik GmbH (AZT)
  • Artificial Rain, Fog and Night - Indoor Active Safety Testing in CARISSMA
    Igor Doric & Sinan Hasirlioglu, TH Ingolstadt

  • Functional Development and Safety on the Way to Autonomous Driving
    Jochen Schwenninger & Kai Golowko, Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH

  • ADAS function validation with test fields using the example of Wienzwa
    Dr. Andreas Kuhn, Andata Entwicklungstechnologie GmbH

  • Level 3-Driving - What does a safe Takeover mean?
    Dr.-Ing. Matt hias Kühn, Unfallforschung der Versicherer - UDV

  • Mechatronic Safety of Vehicles with Alternative Drives
    Jens Lässer, BMW Group
  • Recommendations for Safe Handling of Electric Vehicles after Severe Road Traffic Accidents –
    Findings from EVERSAFE
    Marcus Wisch, BASt – German Federal Highway Research Institute

  • Vehicle Presentation: Ford Edge
    Thilo Moerke, Ford-Werke GmbH
  • Future Euro NCAP Collision Avoidance Testing
    Matthew Avery, Thatcham - The Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre

Please note that some of the presentations are only available in German!

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