15.-17. Mai 2018 Würzburg


Würzburg,15. Mai 2018

Model based head injury criteria in car environment

The objective of this presentation is to provide a short overview of head trauma biomechanics and existing head injury criteria. Focus will then be on the state of the art in the domain of human head modeling, both its limitations and its achievements. Special attention will be paid to real world head trauma reconstruction with Strasbourg University FE Head Model (SUFEHM) and the derivation of model based head injury criteria. Finally the novel head injury prediction tool will be presented as well as its applications in the automotive environment.

Short BIO

Rémy Willinger
Born in 1959, Remy Willinger has a degree in Civil Engeneering and a PhD in Biomechanics (1988). Since 1990 Remy Willinger leads a research group focusing on head & neck impact biomechanics at Strasbourg University, Strasbourg, France. The research activity of this lab focuses on experimental characterization of biological tissue, head and neck FE modeling and definition of injury criteria via real world accident simulation. Evaluation and optimization of protective systems is also part of his activity. This group contributed to nine EU projects and conducted no less than 100 contracts with public institutions and privet companies.