April 08 – 09, 2025 | Frankfurt/Hanau, Germany

BETA CAE Systems Workshop

Part 1
ANSERS: Visualizing Simulation and Test Data on the Web

In this informative session, we will present an in-depth overview of ANSERS, a web application that offers a front-end web dashboard interface for accessing and combining engineering simulation and test data.

Throughout the session, we will demo a series of use cases, such as evaluation of Human Body Models Injury Criteria, analysis of Battery Structures in different load cases, handling of model and material data. These showcases provide insights of how ANSERS can facilitate efficient decision-making and optimization of engineering designs.

Part 2
Key features and use cases of FATIQ

FATIQ is a new fatigue analysis software built on a versatile solver-neutral framework, designed to simplify and streamline fatigue assessment processes. In this conference demo presentation, we showcase the software's capabilities through two widely recognized industrial use cases. The first use case focuses on vibration fatigue analysis, where a single Power Spectral Density (PSD) loading is applied. The second use case delves into a pseudo-static scenario, where a complex loading pattern is represented by a duty cycle. By showcasing these examples, will gain insights into the process of load definition, materials assignment, and comprehensive post-processing functionalities.

April 16, 2024 | 11:30 – 13:00