April 20 – 21, 2021  |  Congress Park Hanau, Germany

BETA CAE Systems Workshop

RETOMO: The new era of segmentation exploiting Machine Learning

September 29, 2020 | 11:15 – 12:55

Continuing to provide innovative solutions in CT image segmentation, BETA CAE Systems introduces cutting-edge machine learning algorithms in RETOMO. This new technology application improves segmentation results and drastically reduces user time and effort, in a minimal and friendly user interface.

 The session introduces this new capability and will cover:

 1. The complete brand-new machine learning functionality of RETOMO.

 2. Comparison between the new and traditional segmentation algorithms.

 3. Manual Segmentation tools.

 4. RETOMO’s capacity to handle extremely large scans.

 5. How to achieve seamless interaction between RETOMO, ANSA, and META.