Frankfurt/Hanau, Germany

The China New Car Assessment Programs

C-NCAP and C-ICAP – Introduction and UpDates

China Automotive Technology and Research Center(CATARC) was established in 1985 as a comprehensive science and technology enterprise group with "independent, impartial and third-party" positioning in the automotive industry. The business scope covers inspection and testing, engineering research and development services, digitalization, engineering design, consulting services, certification business and strategic emerging business, etc, providing strong support for the development of China's automotive industry. At the same time, CATARC have established subsidiaries and permanent offices in Germany and Japan, and a specialized agency in Switzerland – the China International Center for Automotive Standardization, which has played an important role in promoting a more active integration of the Chinese automotive industry into the global system.

In order to promote the healthy development of China's automobile industry, CATARC officially released the first version of the China New Car Assessment Programs (C-NCAP) in March 2006, which test and assessment the safety performance of vehicles in all aspects, including occupant protection, pedestrian protection and active safety, to guide and promote OEM to continuously improve the safety performance of vehicles and give consumers more systematic and objective information on car safety. C-NCAP upgrades its protocals every three years, and is currently implementing the C-NCAP 2021 version protocols.

In addition to the C-NCAP program, the C-ICAP "China Intelligent Connected Car Assessment Programme" (1) was released on December 30, 2022. It is used to conduct an "independent, fair and professional" comprehensive evaluation of the Intelligent performance of the car, aiming to establish a high-standard, professional and objective evaluation method of vehicle intelligent performance, support the rapid development of China's intelligent networked vehicle technology and industry.

In the first event outside of China, the C-NCAP and C-ICAP programs will be introduced by the experts from CATARC. The event aims at

  • Providing a comprehensive overview and update about the C-NCAP and C-ICAP programs, C-NCAP and technical standards of automobile safety, the introduction and application of CIDAS and etc to the European and international engineering community
  • Providing a international platform for direct communication with automotive managers and development engineers

Breakout workshops on the second day will give ample opportunity to discuss with the domain experts from CATARC.