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ADAS/ADS Companion 2023/2024

The new ADAS/ADS Companion 2023/2024 is the first reference book to summarize the current requirements and development methods for automated driving in a compact and concise form. It also provides an overview of our training and conference program in the field of ADAS/ADS.

The ADAS/ADS Companion 2023/2024 from carhs...

  • ... brings a much needed structured and up-to-date overview about legal and consumer requirements, standards and processes in the ADAS and ADS domain.
  • ... is interactive: direct links or QR codes take you to the legal texts and protocols on
  • ... provides detailed information about seminars and conferences on ADAS / ADS.
  • ... is time-saving due to clear and helpful lists of technically important abbreviations.

The ADAS/ADS Companion 2023/2024 ensures you the decisive knowledge advantage! Order your free copy today!

ADAS/ADS Companion 2023/2024:
144 pages, English, PDF

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