Automotive Safety Summit Shanghai 2023 – ON DEMAND

Automotive Safety Summit Shanghai 2023

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The presentation by Yong Ding - BETA CAE Systems China LtdState-Of-The-Art Pre- & Post-Processing for Crash & Safety Simulation, is not available for download but can be watched in the recorded live stream.



C-NCAP Assessment Based on Chinese Traffic Safety Practices
Xiangrong Li - CATARC - China Automotive Technology & Research Center
ASEAN NCAP Protocol 2021-2025
Salina Mustaffa - Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS)
Euro NCAP Vision2030 - Next Steps for Implementation
Dr. Michiel van Ratingen - Euro NCAP
U.S. NCAP – Introduction of a Pedestrian Protection Assessment
Ralf Reuter - gmbh
ADAS, DCAS, ADS - How Do They Fit into L1 - L4?
John F. Creamer -
An Holistic Approach to Improve Vehicle Safety
Roderick Verschut - Humanetics Europe GmbH
Advanced Applications for New Challenges
Youwen Wu - Instron (Shanghai) Limited
Realistic Active Safety Testing
Dierk Arp - MESSRING GmbH
Pre-Impact Braking on ServoSled
Philipp Tölke - Seattle Safety Europe GmbH
Performance Enhancement
Youwen Wu - Instron (Shanghai) Limited
Characterizing the Response of Reclined Vehicle Occupants in Frontal Impacts
Dr. Francisco Lopez-Valdes - Universidad Pontificia Comillas; Mònica González Gordo - ENCOPIM, S.L.
ASC’s Inertial Sensor Solutions - Trustworthy German Quality
Jason Ji - ASC China Sales Office
Virtual Analysis & Testing of Occupant Seating Positions in Vehicles
Kewal Shienmar, Peter Hanzhi Huang - Siemens Digital Industries Software N.V.
Industrial Workflow for Integration of Human Body Models
Inhyeok Lee - ESI Korea
THOR Reclined FE Models
Dr. David Blauth - ATD-MODELS GmbH
Keynote Speech - Use Unconventional Layout of Battery Cells to Mitigate Crash Damage of Electric Vehicle
Prof. Dr. Qing Zhou - Tsinghua University
A Modular Modeling Approach to Electrical Vehicle Battery Safety
Pierre Culière - ESI Group - Shanghai
Predicting Li-Ion Battery Damages and Thermal Runaway Under Mechanical Loading Through Simulation
Jean-Baptiste Mouillet - Altair Engineering GmbH
A Stepwise Approach for the Deployment of Simulation-Based Assessment in Consumer Ratings
Dr. Michiel van Ratingen - Euro NCAP
C-NCAP Virtual Testing Scheme and Planning
Xiaobing Bu - CATARC - China Automotive Technology & Research Center
UN-ECE Virtual Testing for Deployable Pedestrian Protection Systems
Dr. Alexander Besch - Volkswagen AG
Crash Injury Risk Estimation Tool Based on Human Body Modeling and Response Surface Modeling
Hangbin Zhu - Siemens Industry Software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Human Factors Virtual Testing Applications for ADAS and Automated Vehicles
James Jackson - IDIADA
Research on Intelligent Driving Test Technology Based on the Whole Vehicle Traffic Environment in the Loop System
Dr. Jiming Lv - Shanghai Digauto Automobile Technology Co., Ltd.
AI and Simulation Technology Integration to Accelerate Automotive Safety Design Iteration
Jiawei Wang - Altair Engineering Software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
VISSIM Traffic Simulation Software's Application in Active Safety Test
Chang Shen - PTV Software Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Sled Testing for Passive and Active Safety
Guang Zhu - Chongqing Messring Trading Co., LTD
Next Generation Robots for vulnerable Road User Testing
Markus Schmidl - Humanetics Austria GmbH



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