automotive CAE Grand Challenge 2018

automotive CAE Grand Challenge 2018

Hanau, April 2018
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In the last 20 years computer simulation has become an indispensable tool in automotive development. Tremendous progress in software and computer technology makes it possible today to assess product and process performance before physical prototypes have been built. Applications of computer simulation cover nearly all aspects of product and process design from crashworthiness to manufacturability.

Challenges in virtual vehicle development

Despite of significant progress in simulation technology and impressive results in industrial application there remains a number of challenges which prevent a “100% digital prototyping”.

Grand Challenge as a platform for dialog

The automotive CAE Grand Challenge stimulates the exchange between users, scientists and software developers in order to solve these challenges. Annually the current challenges in automotive CAE are being identified through a survey among simulation experts of the automotive industry. In the conference one session will be dedicated to each of the 6 most critical challenges, the “Grand Challenges”. In each session CAE experts from industry, research and software development will explain the importance of the individual Challenge for the virtual development process and talk about their efforts to solve the challenge.



Crash: Overload and Crash Behavior of Battery Packs

  • Battery Modelling for Crash Simulation
    Richard Peter Brown - Jaguar Land Rover Ltd.

  • Testing and Simulation of the Crash Characteristics of Li-ion Batteries for safe Vehicle Integration
    Werner Leitgeb, Dr. Alexander Thaler - Kompetenzzentrum - Das virtuelle Fahrzeug, Forschungsgesellschaft mbH; Christoph Breitfuß - Technische Universität Graz

  • Failure Criterion for Lithium-ion Batteries, Implementation and Validation
    Dr.Prof. Elham Sahraei Esfahani - George Mason University
    Volgenau School of Engineering; Marian Bulla - Altair Engineering GmbH

  • Assessing Battery Safety using a combined Simulation Approach from Cell to Vehicle Level
    Dr. Bernhard Brunnsteiner, Dr. Martin Schwab - AVL LIST GmbH

  • Prismatic Cells in Crash Simulation: Recent Developments and Future Prospects
    Alexander Sporbert - IAT Ingenieurgesellschaft für Automobiltechnik mbH; Lars Hollmotz - StrategicSupport Dienstleistungs UG; Dr. Oliver Schoeneich - IAT Ingenieurgesellschaft für Automobiltechnik mbH

Materials: Failure Models for Cast Alu Parts in Crash

  • Challenges in introducing cast aluminium in full car crash simulation
    Dr. Johan Jergeus - Volvo Car Corporation

  • Characterization and Application of a Damage Approach for Cast Aluminium Alloys
    Christian Mühlstätter - AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

  • Characterization and Modeling of the Damage Behavior of an Aluminium Casting Alloy taking Porosity Distribution into Account
    Dr. Dong-Zhi Sun, Dr. Florence Andrieux - Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkstoffmechanik IWM

  • Current Modeling Approach for the Failure Prediction of cast Aluminium under Crash Loadings in LS-DYNA
    Dr. Filipe Andrade - DYNAmore GmbH - Gesellschaft für FEM Ingenieurdienstleistungen; Dr. Markus Feucht, Joseph Kauss - Daimler AG

  • Material and Failure Modelling of Alu Castings with RADIOSS
    Marian Bulla - Altair Engineering GmbH

  • New Development in Selection and Optimization of Material Properties
    Prof. Dr. Viktor Pocajt, Petros Michos - Key to Metals AG

CAE General: CAE Process Supporting the Development of physical Prototypes

  • CAE Driven Design of Prototypes to support early Development Phases
    Dr.-Ing. Robert Schilling, Dr.-Ing. Axel Hänschke - Ford-Werke GmbH

  • Optimization of ultra-lightweight BIW Design
    Nikolai Kharaldin, Prof. Dr. Alexey I. Borokov - CompMechLab Ltd.; Mikhail Aleshin - Saint-Petersburger Politechnical University; Oleg Klyavin - CompMechLab Ltd.

  • Elimination of Full Car Prototypes in Automotive thanks to CAE Driven Design
    Dr. Nicolas Vallino - Groupe PSA; Dr.-Ing. Kamila Flidr - Altair Engineering GmbH

  • A Framework for objective Multi-Attribute Evaluation of Vehicle Components
    Dr. Carlos López Rodríguez, Bart van Doninck, Jan Stroobants, Suzanne van Poppel - Flanders Make vzw

  • A.I.-assisted Engineering
    Steffen Slavetinsky, Dr. Stefan Suwelack - Renumics GmbH

NVH: Predict, Engine and Gear Noise Electrical Drives

  • The Challenge Noise and Sound of Electrical Vehicles – Introduction
    Dr.-Ing. Dirk Ulrich - gmbh

  • NVH Correlation Criteria and their Application in Model Updating
    Ruslan Latfullin - fka Forschungsgesellschaft Kraftfahrwesen mbH

  • Electric Drive Noise and Vibration Analysis
    Thomas Liebernickel - Dassault Systemes Deutschland GmbH

  • A fully digital CAE-based multi-disciplinary Development Environment for Virtual Sound Design of EVs/HEVs
    Dr. Alfred J. Svobodnik - MVOID Group | MVOID Technologies GmbH

  • Vibration and Equivalent Radiated Power in the Process of Electric Drive Simulation
    Dr. Martin Hanke - CADFEM GmbH

  • NVH Simulation Process for E-Drive Systems
    Helmut Dannbauer, Oliver Grieshofer, Walter Hinterberger - Magna Powertrain ECS GmbH & Co. KG

  • Coupled Electromagnetic-Acoustic Smulations of the In-Wheel Electric Motor
    Uroš Rožič, Dr. Martin Storjnik, Krištof Rener, Matic Frajnkovič - Elaphe Propulsion Technologies Ltd

Safety: Meshing, Folding and Pre-Processing of Airbags

  • Airbag Pre Processing – Handcraft or Software aided Model Creation?
    Dr. Lars Aschenbrenner - Volkswagen AG

  • Model Order Reduction - Parametric Solutions and Simulation Apps
    Prof. Francisco (Paco) Chinesta, Simon Guévelou - Ecole Centrale Nantes; Jutta Schlosser - ESI Engineering System International GmbH; Jean-Christophe Allain - ESI Group

  • Airbag Folding using Generator4, a Generic Process
    Christoph Kaulich, Carsten Thunert - GNS Gesellschaft für numerische Simulation mbH

  • Introducing JFOLD - a Simulation based Airbag Folding System for LS-DYNA
    Shinya Hayashi - JSOL Corporation; Richard Taylor - Arup, c/o JSOL

  • New Influence Parameter in Airbag Simulation
    Jutta Schlosser - ESI Engineering System International GmbH; Christian Listner - TAKATA AG

Durability: Fatigue Analysis of Plastics and Composites

  • Fatigue simulation of plastics – is it possible?
    Mads Werner Nielsen, Andrew Blows, Dr. Mark Blagdon - Jaguar Land Rover Limited

  • A Continuum Damage Mechanics Model for Fatigue Assessment of FRP Materials
    Zalikha Murni Abdul Hamid, Dr. Monika Gall, Dr. Jörg Hohe - Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkstoffmechanik IWM

  • Current Trends in Fatigue of Polymer Matrix Composites
    Dominik Laveuve - Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF

  • Structural Durability Analysis Process of Short Fiber Reinforced Plastic Components
    Helmut Dannbauer, Dr. Christian Gaier, Stefan Fischmeister - Magna Powertrain ECS GmbH & Co. KG

  • Fatigue Simulation of a Short-Fiber-Reinforced Oil-Filter Housing under realistic Load Conditions using the Master SN-Curve Approach
    Dr. rer. nat. Michael Hack - Siemens Industry Software GmbH & Co KG; Dr. Wolfgang Korte - PART Engineering GmbH; Dr.-Ing. Matthias Teschner - MANN+HUMMEL GmbH; Dr. Stefan Straesser - Siemens Industry Software GmbH & Co KG

Guest Scientist Presentation

  • Nonlinear Response Structural Optimization using Equivalent Static Loads Method
    Prof. Dr. Gyung-Jin Park - Hanyang University

Optimization & Robustness: Robust Design through Numerical Analysis

  • Robustness Analysis and Identification of relevant Structural Parameters for the Small Overlap Crash Test

    Ivan Cuevas-Salazar, Lailong Song - BMW AG

  • Robust Design through Numerical Analysis - Research State of the Art
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Schumacher - University of Wuppertal

  • ITEA VMAP Project - Working on a Standardisation of Material Data Inferfaces in CAE Workflows
    Klaus Wolf, Gino Duffet - Fraunhofer Institut SCAI

  • Analysis Methods for Robust NVH Design
    Dr. André Backes - TECOSIM Technische Simulation GmbH

  • Robust Design Optimization for Electromagnetic Applications
    Markus Stokmaier, Dr.-Ing. Michael Schimmelpfennig, Dr. Roland Niemeier, Dr. Lars Gräning - Dynardo GmbH

  • Robust Design Optimization of a Charge Air Cooler
    Dr.-Ing. Reinhard Helfrich, Andreas Schünemann - INTES GmbH

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