automotive CAE Grand Challenge 2022

automotive CAE Grand Challenge 2022

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Background, Concept and Implementation

In the last 30 years computer simulation has become an indispensable tool of automotive development. 

Challenges in virtual vehicle development

Despite of significant progress in simulation technology and impressive results in industrial application there remains a number of challenges.

The Grand Challenge as a platform for dialog

The automotive CAE Grand Challenge stimulates the exchange between users, scientists and software developers in order to solve these challenges



Some Challenges and Trends in Plastics Simulation from the Perspective of Bosch Research
Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Schneider, Dr.-Ing. Jan-Martin Kaiser - Robert Bosch GmbH
Meshfree Simulation of EPP Foams during Impact and Deformation
Dr. rer. nat. Jörg Kuhnert, Dr. Isabel Michel - Fraunhofer-Institut für Techno- und Wirtschaftsmathematik ITWM
Shear Properties of Plastics
Timo Schweiger - Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkstoffmechanik IWM
High-cycle Fatigue Models for the Multiscale Simulation of Fiber Reinforced Polymers
Dr. Hannes Grimm-Strele - Fraunhofer-Institut für Techno- und Wirtschaftsmathematik ITWM et al.
New VDI Guideline "Strength Assessment of Plastic Components"
Dr. Wolfgang Korte - PART Engineering GmbH
Material and Failure Models for Plastics
Ulrich Esselborn, Marian Bulla - Altair Engineering GmbH
Automated Material model calibration with failure in VALIMAT®: Failure Fit
Harish Kalyan Ram Pothukuchi, Benjamin Hirschmann - 4a engineering GmbH
Virtual Calibration of Joints by Neural Networks
Philip Zimmermann - Volkswagen AG; Simon Thel - TU Braunschweig
Optimization of the CAE Process with a Unified Simulation Modelling Language
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Darius Friedemann, Jörg Rademann - HTW-Berlin; Bastian Näser - BMW AG
Solver and Simulation Discipline independent Modeling of Automotive Components
Jörg Rademann, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Darius Friedemann - HTW-Berlin; Bastian Näser - BMW AG
Automatic Sheet Metal Surface Defect Detection - Deep Learning
GaneshRam Rajagopal - Onward Technologies Ltd.
Combining Test and 3D Simulation in Product Development and Quality Management
Dr.-Ing. Olgierd Zaleski, Dr. Sören Keuchel - Novicos GmbH
Integral Combination of Simulations, Proving Ground Tests, and Real World Field Tests for Effective ADAS/AD Development & Validation with AI
Dr. Andreas Kuhn - Andata Entwicklungstechnologie GmbH
Process and Data Optimization with AI: Improve Simulation Efficiency in Virtual Product Development
Christopher Woll - GNS Systems GmbH
Holistic Simulation Needs of Electric Powertrains and Batteries – Why it is Necessary?
Dr.-Ing. Axel Hänschke - CPS Pekka Stuckert Consulting Unternehmensberatung
Integrating lithium-ion Battey Packs in Full Vehicle Simulations of EVs
Dr. Elham Sahraei Esfahani - Temple University
Thermal propagation Testing & Simulation of Battery Cell Stacks
Dr. Martin Schwab, Robert Kießling - 4a engineering GmbH
Specifics in Strength and Fatigue Assessment of E-Drives
Axel Werkhausen, Dr. Oliver Grieshofer - Engineering Center Steyr GmbH & Co KG
How Machine Learning and AI Accelerates Automotive Design Processes - Feedback on 3 Different Application: Battery Design, Structural Optimization and System Design
The fastest 3-D thermal simulation of battery packs. Model-order reduction and holistic system-level modelling
Dr. Bartosz Gorecki, Michal Kurzynka - QuickerSim Ltd.
Aeroacoustic Comfort Simulation for (Electric) Vehicles
Dr. Dirk Kehrwald - Stellantis
MBS Simulation of NVH Phenomena for Electric Vehicles Regarding E-Motor and Gearset Excitation
Norman Günther, Mario Schwalbe - IAV GmbH Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr
High Frequency Predictions of Structure-borne and Airborne Noise
Markus Brandstetter - Hexagon
NVH Optimization of an eDrive Transmission using MBS and DOE
Benjamin Schmelzle, Sascha Kullmann - AVL Deutschland GmbH
A FEM,BEM,PEM approach to reduce radiated EV Noise on both component and system level
Willem van Hal, Kamel Amichi - ESI Group
Electric Vehicle NVH Design: Structural Requirements and Battery Pack / Body in White Integration
Mark Lamping - Siemens Digital Industries Software


Industry Presentation: Using deep Learning and Expert Knowledge in Optimization
Dr.-Ing. Dirk Rensink - SEGULA Technologies Germany
State of the Art in Using Deep Learning Algorithms and Expert Knowledge Schemes for Supporting Mathematical Optimization Procedures
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Schumacher - University of Wuppertal
Optimization for Robust, Sustainable Designs to Manage Risks and Uncertainties
Armin Lohwasser - Rafinex S.à r.l.
Intrusion Vehicle Body Optimization Combining Frontal and Side Crash Responses
Fabian Leonov Santoyo Lopez - LURI Engineering
Optimization with Simulation-based Expert Knowledge
Dr. André Backes - TECOSIM Technische Simulation GmbH
A study on the effect of sampling on the quality of AI/ML/ROM models
Dr. Kambiz Kayvantash - Hexagon
Challenge of Tolerances in Body Durability Assessments – Approaches and Examples
Dr.-Ing. Matthias Weinert, Dr. Philipp Römelt - Ford-Werke GmbH
Predicting the effect spot weld quality tolerances on durability
Dr. Philipp Römelt - Ford-Werke GmbH
Stochastic Fatigue Analysis of Spot Weld Joints
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klemens Rother, Stefan Springl - Munich University of Applied Sciences
Fatigue, Reliable and Robust?
Dr. rer. nat. Michael Hack - Siemens Industry Software GmbH
Incorporating Design Uncertainties in a Durability assessment – a Robust Design Approach
Dr. Marco Veltri - MSC Software
AQUA - Artificial Quantification for Uncertainty Anomalies
Dr. Marc Rocas Alonso - SEAT SA - Centro Tecnico
Automatic Identification of Deformation Modi in Robustness Studies
Dr. Daniela Steffes-Lai - Fraunhofer-Institut für Algorithmen und Wissenschaftliches Rechnen SCAI et al.
The Stochastic Fracture Behavior of Glass and its Influence on Head Impact for Pedestrian Protection
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Stefan Kolling, Christopher Brokmann, Dr.-Ing. Christian Alter - TH Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences; Marian Bulla - Altair Engineering GmbH
Crash Test Barrier Rating and its Application for Repeatability, Robustness and FE Correlation
Dr. Arnauld Malak - CT-Sim GmbH; Claude Ph. Medard - SAP Deutschland SE
An Enhanced Parameter Study Approach using Modal Decomposition of Key Events in Frontal Crash
Dr. Masahiro Okamura - JSOL Corporation
From Scatter Detection to Scatter Analysis
Clemens-August Thole, Dominik Borsotto, Vinay Krishnappa, Kirill Schreiner - SIDACT GmbH



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