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automotive CAE Grand Challenge 2023

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Background, Concept and Implementation

In the last 30 years computer simulation has become an indispensable tool of automotive development. 

Challenges in virtual vehicle development

Despite of significant progress in simulation technology and impressive results in industrial application there remains a number of challenges.

The Grand Challenge as a platform for dialog

The automotive CAE Grand Challenge stimulates the exchange between users, scientists and software developers in order to solve these challenges



Environment simulation for testing automated driving functions
Víctor J. Expósito Jiménez - VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research GmbH
Digital Twins and Trusted Data Ecosystem for the Virtual Verification and Validation of ADAS and AD
Alexander Frederic Walser - ASC-S Automotive Solution Center for Simulation e. V.
Data Compliance and Integrity: Empower the Creation of Data Value for Autonomous Vehicles
Nikhil Mittapalli - GNS Systems GmbH
Can Integrated Data Management Accelerate Multi-body and ADAS Simulation Workflows?
Tobias Höfler - PDTec AG
ODD-Coverage in Development and Validation of Automated, Connected Driving Functions
Dr. Andreas Kuhn - Andata Entwicklungstechnologie GmbH
Integration of Finite Element and System Models for Exploring new Safety Scenarios
Torsten Blochwitz, Leo Häuser - ESI GmbH; Pierre Culière - ESI Group - Shanghai
Presenting Initiative "Game Changer Simulation"
Alexander Frederic Walser - ASC-S Automotive Solution Center for Simulation e. V.; Egon Wiedekind - Initiative Game Changer Simulation
Virtual Testing – Challenges and Opportunities for Vehicle Safety from Volkswagen's Perspective
Christoph Vieler, Ernst Glas - Volkswagen AG
Standardised Virtual Testing with Human Body Models – Current Activities
Ass. Prof. Dr. Corina Klug - Graz University of Technology
Comparison of the Injury Risk Prediction of the THOR-Reclined Dummy and the THUMS HBM
Pablo Lozano Gil - IDIADA Automotive Technology S.A et al.
Optimal Occupant Safety System Design by Virtual Testing Using Simcenter Solutions
Karan Chatrath, Leandro Garbin - Siemens Digital Industries Software
Industrial Workflow for Integration of HBM in Full Car Environment
Jean-Christophe Allain, Muriel Beaugonin - ESI Group; Simon Dussinger - ESI Engineering System International GmbH
Out of Position Simulation with HBMs. Guided Positioning with G4 and Evaluation of the new Critical Values with A4
Christoph Kaulich, Leyre Benito Cia - GNS Gesellschaft für numerische Simulation mbH
Industry / Requirement Presentation, Title tba.
Dr.-Ing. Dirk Rensink - SEGULA Technologies Germany
Computer Aided Development of a Battery Housing in Steel-Wood Hybrid Design
Markus Wagner - Technische Universität Graz; Florian Feist - Graz University of Technology; Georg Baumann - Technische Universität Graz
Application of Machine Learning Methods in Parameter Optimization of Vehicle Body Structures
Robert Stoll - ARRK Engineering GmbH; Sebastian Goslich - ARRK Engineering GmbH ; Ionut Mihnea - ARRK Research & Development S.R.L.
Advanced Structural Analysis of Battery Packs with SimSolid
Marko Briski - Endego GmbH; Marian Bulla - Altair Engineering GmbH
Simulation Based Distortion Management for Multiple Stage Assembly of Welded Structures
Dr.-Ing. Tobias Loose - Dr. Loose GmbH; Sujit Chatterjee - Jaguar Land Rover Limited
Electric Vehicle NVH Design: Requirements and Battery Pack / Body in White Integration
Michiel Unger - Siemens Digital Industry Software GmbH; Mark Lamping - Siemens Digital Industries Software
A Simulation Driven Analysis of a New Vehicle Concept
Dr.-Ing. Torben Birker - TECOSIM Technische Simulation GmbH
Learning from Scatter
Dr.-Ing. Georg Eichmüller - Volkswagen AG
The Potential of Model Order Reduction, Iso-geometric Analysis, and Multi-fidelity Surrogates for Crash Optimisation and Robust Design
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Fabian Duddeck - Technical University of Munich
Generate-to-Validate: Optimal Designs and the Need to Deliver under Uncertainty
Armin Lohwasser - Rafinex S.à r.l.
Optimized and Robust NVH Design by Simulation
Dr. André Backes - TECOSIM Technische Simulation GmbH
Innovative Design Strategies for Busbars and Battery Cold Plates in E.V. Battery Packs
Dr. Lieven Vervecken - Diabatix nv
Detect Root Causes of Scattering Crash Behaviour Automatically
Clemens-August Thole - SIDACT GmbH
Industry / Requirement Presentation, Title tba.
Richard Peter Brown - Jaguar Land Rover Ltd.
Crash Safety Assessment from Cell to Pack Level in the Horizon 2020 Project LIBERTY
Dr. Christoph Breitfuß - VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research GmbH
Large Deformation Response of Lithium-Ion Pouch Cells During Indentation: Experiments and Modeling
Dr. Thomas Tancogne-Dejean - ETH Zürich; Prof. Dr. Vincent Grolleau - ETH Zürich + Université Bretagne Sud; Prof. Dr. Dirk Mohr - ETH Zürich
Li-Ion Battery Cells under Crash Loading: Abuse Testing and Finite Element Modeling
Benjamin Schaufelberger - Fraunhofer-Institut für Kurzzeitdynamik, Ernst-Mach-Institut, EMI et al.
Static and Dynamic Mechanical Characterization Methods and Automated Modelling of Li-ion Battery Cells
Dr. Martin Schwab - 4a engineering GmbH
Multifunctional Architectures and Virtual Validation for the Safety of Highly Integrated BEV
Siegfried Hartwig - AVL LIST GMBH
Challenges in Concept CAE: between the needs for Speed and Accuracy
Thorsten Pohl - Stellantis
Use of Structural Optimization in the Early Phase of the CAE process
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Vietor, Paul Falkenberg - TU Braunschweig
Altair's Simulation Driven Design for Advance Vehicle Development
Stuart Sampson - Altair Engineering Inc.
Parametric Design and Structural Optimization for Early Design Exploration
Stefan Mertz, Manohar Prabhu - Dassault Systemes Deutschland GmbH; Dr. Tayeb Zeguer - Jaguar Land Rover Limited
A Connected Engineering Approach to Streamlining the Concept Creation Process
Tobias Wigand, Akhil Mora, Raed Bouslama - Synera GmbH
Geometry identification to search for similar parts using machine learning approaches implemented in an SDM system
Marcelo Josue Pintado Abad, Marko Thiele, Akhil Pillai - SCALE GmbH; Dr. Florian Moldering - AUDI AG
Take CAE Simulation To Next Level With Machine Learning (CAE-ML)
Dr. Fabiola Cavaliere, Dr. Xabier Larráyoz Izcara - SEAT SA - Centro Tecnico
Enabling Exploration and Analysis of Design Changes and Results over Many Crash Simulations
Dr. Victor Rodrigo Iza Teran, Dr. Daniela Steffes-lai, Prof. Dr. Jochen Garcke, Mandar Pathare - Fraunhofer-Institut für Algorithmen und Wissenschaftliches Rechnen SCAI
Computer Vision Approaches to Engineering Simulation - The Geometrical Feature Recognition Approach, and its Implications for Automotive Product Design
Anthony Massobrio - Intelligent Simulation Ltd.
Use of ML/AI and Adaptive Design of Experiment to Assess Stability Domain of Construction Vehicles and Reduce Physical Tests
Laurent Chec, Joan Mas Colomer - DATADVANCE SAS; Nicolas Belhomme - Manitou
Data Driven Modelling of Crash Barriers Combining Multiscale Analysis And Physics-Based Feed Forward Neural Networks
Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Müller - ESI GmbH
Interactively Search within Thousands of Crash Simulations for Deformation Patterns
Clemens-August Thole - SIDACT GmbH
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