PraxisConference Pedestrian Protection 2019

PraxisConference Pedestrian Protection 2019

Bergisch-Gladbach, June 2019
14 presentations, pdf download

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The PraxisConference, which has been held for the 14th time in 2019, is a unique event combining lectures and praxis. The lectures held by renowned experts, inform about legal requirements, NCAP tests, recent findings from accident research as well as development strategies and tools and active and passive technical solutions for pedestrian protection.


  • The IIHS Perspective on Pedestrian Crashes on US Roadways
    Becky Mueller - Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
  • Euro NCAP AEB Test Procedures for Vulnerable Road Users
    Adrian Hellmann - BASt - German Federal Highway Research Institute
  • Further Development of the Biofidel Dummy as a Surrogate for Vulnerable Road Users in full-scale Crash Tests
    Dr. Michael Weyde - Priester & Weyde - Büro für Unfallrekonstruktion
  • aPLI Hardware and FE Model
    James French - Cellbond
  • aPLI Hardware and FE Model
    Dr. David Blauth - ATD-MODELS GmbH
  • aPLI - The new Legform Impactor
    Franz Roth - AUDI AG; Dr. Yukou Takahashi - Honda R&D Co.,Ltd.; Olaf Insel - Volkswagen AG
  • Sensor Signal Simulation for Active Bonnet Safety Systems, an ALE Sub-model Approach
    Dr. Gernot Pauer-Nußbaumer - Altran Concept Tech GmbH
  • The Activity of Bicyclist Protection Study in Honda
    Arisa Endo - Honda R&D Co.,Ltd. et al.
  • IWG Deployable Pedestrian Protection Systems: Status and Discussion in UN Regulation
    Irina Dausse - Renault; Benjamin Bünger - AUDI AG
  • Safety Assessment of Airbag based Bicyclist Head Protection Systems
    Oliver Zander - BASt - German Federal Highway Research Institute
  • Material Characterisation for PedPro Sensing Simulations
    Bernhard Bründl - Bertrandt Simulations GmbH
  • Latest Discussions on Legislation Topics
    Dr. Thomas Kinsky - Humanetics Europe GmbH
  • A Methodology to check Plausibility of Impactor and Dummy Thresholds from Accident Data – Example: aPLI
    Dr. Ruth Paas - BMW Group
  • Milestones of Euro NCAP´s Roadmap 2025
    Direktor & Professor Andre Seeck - BASt - German Federal Highway Research Institute




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