SafetyTesting 2016

SafetyTesting 2016

Aschaffenburg, May 2016
14 presentations, pdf download

Crash and Safety Testing are key elements in the product development cycle of any new vehicle development. The partners of SafetyTesting 2015 are leading companies in crash and safety testing technology serving the global automotive markets. The conference featured expert presentations focussing on the hot topics in crash and safety testing, presented by the technology leaders in the industry. 


  • Advanced Modeling for Sled Control
    Mike Deleeuw, Instron Structural Testing Systems GmbH
  • 6D Impact Sled - Close to the reality
    Max Ernst, MESSRING Systembau GmbH


    ConAS - Controlled Applica.on for Structural 

    Dr. Jürgen Gugler, DSD - Dr. Steffan Datentechnik GmbH

  • Process optimisation for Crash Test Applications
    Alexander Schmitt, Kistler Automotive
  • Virtual Development Support of the Curtain-Airbag Integration from -35°C to 80°C
    Gernot Pauer, Altran Concept Tech GmbH
  • M=BUS goes THOR: Smart Integration
    Stefan Häusler, MESSRING Systembau GmbH
  • Downsizing – Chancen und Herausforderungen kompakter Highspeed-Kameras
    Wolfgang Mehringer, PCO AG
  • Steuerung von Hochgeschwindigkeits-kamerasin Versuchszentren
    Dr. Thomas Weber, High Speed Vision GmbH
  • LEDs unter Extrembedingungen
    Christopher Schenk, BBS Licht
  • New Scenarios for Autonomous Driving Testing
    Herbert Wernigg, CEO Dewesoft
  • Strikeable Surrogate Vehicle (SSV) 

    AEB Testing for the US Market
    Martina Ullerich / Sebastian Leupold, MESSRING Systembau MSG GmbH
  • Enhancing Safety through intelligent 

    Windshield Applications
    Martin Hainfellner, Signum Bildtechnik
  • Hybrid testing - 

    Numerical Simulation meets Testing
    Dr. Andreas Teibinger, Virtual Vehicle Research Center
  • Safety considera.ons for ADAS with 3D 

    moving targets
    Dr. Jürgen Gugler, DSD - Dr. Steffan Datentechnik GmbH

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