SafetyUpDate 2016.1

SafetyUpDate 2016

Aschaffenburg, May 2016
22 presentations, pdf download

The SafetyUpDate has already become a tradition: since 2003 the congress has taken place annually in Aschaffenburg.

The idea behind the SafetyUpDate is simple:

Common seminars typically offer very little new information to experts, since such courses naturally must convey a lot of basic knowledge in order to bring all the participants to same level of knowledge. Experts, however, are particularly interested in the latest developments in their fields. That is what the SafetyUpDate provides: Within two days you receive a detailed update of all relevant fields in automotive safety. It works just like a software update: You do not have to reinstall the entire software, but only those modules that are really new.

All important areas of vehicle safety are addressed:

  • The requirements session covers new findings in biomechanics and accident research, new legal requirements and changes in consumer tests like Euro NCAP.
  • In the methods session, experts present the latest news from testing and simulation and explain how these methods can help you to better meet the continuously increasing requirements.
  • The third session focuses on development strategies for frontal and side impacts. Experts show approaches for the most important crash scenarios.


  • Safety of Alternative Propulsion Vehicles
    Rainer Justen, Daimler AG
  • NCAP Verbraucherschutztests der Aktiven und Passiven Sicherheit
    Director & Professor Andre Seeck, Federl Highway Research Institute (BASt)
  • The new Opel Astra Safety Concept
    Heiko Schebdat, Adam Opel AG
  • The Safety Concept of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class
    Matthias Struck, R&D Mercedes-Benz Car Group
  • Testing
    Raphael Murri, DTC Dynamic Test Center AG
  • CAE Simulation
    Mark Gevers, TECOSIM Technische Simulation GmbH
  • Biomechanics and Accident Research
    Dr. Wolfram Hell, LMU Munich University
  • Crash Regulations for Passive Safety
    Oliver Zander, Federal Highway Research Institute BASt
  • Pedestrian Protection
    Dr. Thomas Kinsky, Adam Opel AG / Dirk-Uwe Gehring, BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH
  • Frontal and Side Impact
    Kai Golowko, Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH
  • Assessment of primary and secondary safety measures (based on accident data?)
    Dr.-Ing. Matthias Kühn, GDV Unfallvorschung der Versicherer
  • Der neue Volkswagen Tiguan - Fahrzeugpräsentation – Fahrerassistenz- und Sicherheitsfunktionen
    Oliver Macke, Volkswagen AG
  • The new Ford S-MAX
    Roland Schäfer, Ford Werke GmbH
  • Validation of Automated Driving – Strategies and Challenges
    Prof. Dr. Hermann Winner / Dipl.-Ing. Walther Wachenfeld, Technische Universität Darmstadt
  • Automated Driving - Liability Risks for Manufacturers and for Engineers
    Prof. Dr. Dr. Eric Hilgendorf, Julius-Maximilans-Univeristy Würzburg
  • Articulated Pedestrian and Cyclist Dummy
    Martin Fritz, 4activeSystems GmbH
  • Erfahrungen und Anforderungen an 

    die Mensch Maschine Schnittstelle
    Dipl. -Ing. (FH) A. Rigling, ADAC Technik Zentrum
  • Covering infinite real-world scenarios in a single integrated safety restraint design?
    Dr. Martin Tijssens, TASS International
  • Accident Prevention by Evasive Steering
    Thomas Häußler, Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Regulations for Active Safety
    Dr. Jost Christian Gail, German Federal Highway Research Institute BASt
  • Data Security & Privacy Protection for Autonomous Driving Systems
    Dr. Antonio Almeida / Dr. Alexander Meurer / Dr. Marko Wolf, ESCRYPT GmbH
  • NCAP-Tests for Safety-Critical Driver Assistance Systems
    Patrick Seiniger, German Federal Highway Research Institute BASt

Please note that some of the presentations are only available in German!

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