SafetyUpDate Headlights 2018

SafetyUpDate Headlights 2018

Würzburg, May 2018
12 presentations, pdf download

SafetyUpDate Headlights focusses on the increasing importance of headlights in automotive safety, as new requirements for headlights were just introduced. IIHS established a new rating for headlights which evaluates both the illumination of the road and the glare of oncoming traffic. To achieve the highest IIHS award from 2018, the IIHS Top SafetyPick+, vehicles need to acquire a “Good” rating. NHTSA also included the topic into their plans for the U.S. NCAP upgrade and already published a test and rating procedure for it.

The SafetyUpDate Headlights presents current and future requirements for headlights as well as solutions and methods to meet these. Experts from consumer protection organizations, legislation and industry show the current developments on headlights.


  • Time Line of the Evolution of Motor Vehicle Head Lights
    Alexander Berg – formerly DEKRA

  • Digital Lighting - Challenges and Solutions for the Development Process
    Christian Amann - BMW Group
  • Nighttime Accidents and the Role of Lighting Systems from the Perspective of Accident Research
    Henrik Liers - Verkehrsunfallvorschung an der TU Dresden GmbH

  • Driving Safety and Traffic Accident Prevention with Lighting Functions
    K. Kosmas, J. Kobbert, Prof. Dr. -Ing. habil. Tran QuocKhanh - Technische Universität Darmstadt
  • IIHS Headlight Evaluation Program
    Matthew L. Brumbelow  –IIHS - Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

  • Lighting Systems in Consumer Protection Test
    Alexander Lidl, Burkhard Böttcher, Andreas Rigling - ADAC e.V.

  • Current and future Challenges of (virtual) Headlight Development in Context of Passive Safety - Pedestrian Protection
    Christian Kurzböck - Virtual Vehicle Research Center
  • Speeding up development and test times of safety relevant functions for intelligent light systems
    Christopher Künzel, Matthias Kitzler - Continental AG

  • Light Engines for Advanced and Glare-Free Headlighting Systems
    Lars Dabringhausen - Lumileds Germany GmbH

  • Innovative Lighting Technologies improve Safety in Night Time Driving Conditions
    Dr. David Brunne, F.-J. Kalze - Hella GmbH & Co. KGaA
  • Headlights and Sensor Simulation
    Günther Hasna–OPTIS GmbH

  • Mobile Test Solutions for IIHS Headlight Evaluation
    Steve Boyle –MoshonData Ltd.

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