SafetyWeek 2019

SafetyWeek 2019

Würzburg, May 2019
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Traumabiomechanical Focus Areas in Traffic Safety
Dr. med. Wolfram Hell, LMU - Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Elektromobilität – Neue Herausforderung für Feuerwehren?
Dr. Rolf Erbe, Berliner Feuerwehr

Battery Development and Validation
Dr. Tobias Kaufmann, Dr. Andreas Averberg - StreetScooter GmbH

NCAP Consumer Tests in Active and Passive Safety
Director and Professor Andre Seeck, BASt - German Federal Highway Research Institute

Innovative Erprobung der Assistenzsysteme von morgen
Reiner Imdahl, Johannes Maximilian Wachsmuth - Daimler AG, Sindelfingen
Dr. Ing. Hans Peter Schöner – „Insight from Outside“ - Consulting

Introduction, Use and Potential of Event-DataRecorders (EDR) in the Context of Accident Analysis
Henrik Liers, Diana Hamelow - Verkehrsunfallforschung an der TU Dresden GmbH

Safety Concepts of current Vehicles: Hyundai NEXO
Minho Yang & Seungjun Yeon - Hyundai Motor Company

Defining Safety for Self-Driving Cars – Assessing Automated Vehicles
John F. Creamer -

Pedestrian Protection
Dirk-Uwe Gehring - BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH & Dr. Thomas Kinsky - Humanetics Europe GmbH

Front and Side Crash Protection: Technical Solutions
Kai Golowko - Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH

Passive Safety Testing
Jan Christopher Kolb - Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt - CARISSMA

Euro NCAP Front and Side Crash Testing Details
Volker Sandner - ADAC Technik Zentrum Landsberg

Regulations for Passive Safety
Oliver Zander – BASt, German Federal Highway Research Institute

Crash Optimization for Battery Structures in Sparring with the BiW
Christian Kürten - FEV Vehicle GmbH

CAE Simulation - Status and upcoming Challenges
Mark Gevers - TECOSIM GmbH

Connected Services for Safety in Automated Driving and Driver Assistance
Dr. Benjamin Schön - Robert Bosch GmbH

Active Safety: Legal Requirements for Cars and Heavy Commercial Vehicles
Jost Gail, Patrick Seiniger, Oliver Bartels - Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen

Active Safety Testing
Dr. Olivier Pion – IAV GmbH Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr

“Please take over!” – Human Factors in Highly Automated Driving
Dr. Bernhard Wandtner - ESG Mobility GmbH

The Consumer-oriented Communication of Automation
Andreas Rigling - ADAC e.V. Vehicle Safety, Dr. Christoph Hecht - ADAC e.V. Transport Policy

Fusion of Raw Sensor Data for Testing Applications in Autonomous Driving
EDAG Engineering GmbH

Between Simulation and Reality: Validation of Complex Active Safety Functions
Dr. Roland Kallweit - IAV GmbH Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr

Advanced Methods for the Evaluation of Passengers in AD Vehicles during Emergency Braking, Acceleration and Accidents
Prof. Hyung-Yun Choi - Hongik University


How to conduct 1800 Full Scale Crash Tests in 1 Year?
Xianglei Zhang - CATARC - China Automotive Technology & Research Center

Occupant Safety Performance Development according to 2020 Car-to-Car Euro NCAP Protocol
Stefano Agostoni - CSI Certificazione e Testing S.P.A.

Instron‘s Answer to Increasing Test Requirements
Jürgen Krämer - Instron GmbH

High Dynamic Actuators for Small Catapult and Active Lateral Instrusion Simulation 
Dr.-Ing. Perfecte Sanchis - ENCOPIM S.L.

The New Reality of Crash Testing with M=BRAKE
Sebastian Leupold - MESSRING GmbH

ServoSled Innovations for upcoming Market Requirements
Philipp Tölke - Seattle Safety Europe GmbH

Kistler Thor Dummy and Kistler IRTRACC Sensor (KiTRACC)
Alexander Schmitt - Kistler Instrumente GmbH

ATD Development – Road Map Update
Dr. Thomas Kinsky - Humanetics Europe GmbH

Cellbond ATD Update 2019: aPLI, Q-Dummy and THOR
Paul Lemmen - Cellbond

Kistler Pole Barrier and KIR-TRACC Sensor
Jens Wolking – Kistler Instrumente GmbH

Pressure Imaging for High Speed Dynamic Applications
Timothy C. Gorjanc, Ph.D. - XSENSOR Technology Corporation

MESSRING Active Safety: Solutions for safer mobility
Dr. Igor Doric – MESSRING Active Safety GmbH

ADAS Tests – Effizient in Durchführung und Reporting
Josef Eiswirt - measX GmbH & Co. KG

Testing Solutions for AEB / AES Development
Markus Schmidl – Humanetics Austria GmbH



Innovations for Safety in Automotive Lighting
Dr.-Ing. Ernst-Olaf Rosenhahn, Johannes Geywitz-Senn - Automotive Lighting Reutlingen GmbH

Increased Driving Safety through Matrix and Pixel Beam Solutions
Günther Hasna - OPTIS GmbH

Innovative Headlamp Technologies for Performance and Styling
Dr. David Brunne - HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA 

Towards Autonomous Cars – Improving the Human-Machine-Interface by Lighting Technologies
Dr. Ralph Wirth - OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH

Application and future Opportunities for Lighting in Automated Vehicles
Helmut Tiesler-Wittig - Lumileds Germany GmbH

IIHS Headlight Testing: Optimizations in Development
Dr.-Ing. Daniel Mensch - Volkswagen AG

IIHS Testing – IAV‘s automated Test Method
Dr.-Ing. Benedikt Kleinert, Sven Bogdanow - IAV GmbH Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr

Shaping The Future of Urban Mobility
Frank M. Rinderknecht - Rinspeed AG

Future Lighting Technologies for the Safety of all Road Users
Stephan Berlitz - AUDI AG


Autonomous Shuttles – Birth of a new Vehicle Species!
Dr. Ulrich W. Schiefer - AtTrack GmbH - Gesellschaft für Mobilität Technologie

Hamburg Electric Autonomous Transportation - HEAT
Natalie Rodriguez – Hamburger Hochbahn AG

Line 12 at the Rhine Falls – A Report on Operations in Switzerland
Alexander Schulze – AMoTech GmbH

Field Report of the first Autonomous Shuttle in Public Transport in Bad Birnbach
Dr. Thomas Huber – DB Regio

Current Approval Options for Automated Driving Functions in Germany
Jonas Herde - TÜV SÜD

Active Safety Layer – Safety Concept for Automated Driving
Dr. Roland Kallweit - IAV GmbH Ingenieurgesellschaft Auto und Verkehr

Riding Comfort at Highly Autonomous Driving (HAD)
Prof. Hyung Yun Choi - Digital Human Lab

Safety and Comfort in City Bus Interiors under the Aspect of an Aging Society
Prof. Dr. Christian T. Haas - Universität Fresenius

Self driving vehicles – Safety in a future Transportation System
Dr.-Ing. Burkhard Eickhoff - Autoliv B.V. & Co. KG






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