SafetyWeek 2021 – REPLAY

SafetyWeek 2021

Würzburg, Germany, August 31 – September 02, 2021
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Road Data and Localization for Automated Driving Systems
T. Russell Shields - RoadDB LLC
Systematic development of AI algorithms for Autonomous driving 
Toshika Srivastava - CARIAD SE
Verifying Machine Learning
Zico Kolter - Robert Bosch GmbH
Release Requirements and Methods for Artificial Intelligence in Automated Driving
Dr.-Ing. Jan Stellet - Robert Bosch GmbH
Product Liability and Autonomous Driving – how safe is safe enough?
Dr. Volker Hartmann - CARIAD
Positive Risk Balance as a Maxim for the Development of Automated Driving - Holistic View (PrOACT-URL)
Dr. rer. nat. Nina Kauffmann - BMW Group
Placing Automated and Autonomous Driving Functions on the Market
Jens Mazzega - Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge
Are they really allowed to do that? - A current Look at the Regulatory Landscape of Automated Driving
Dr.-Ing. Patrick Seiniger - BASt - German Federal Highway Research Institute
Expectation Mismatch Phenomenon – Why do Drivers fail to react in System Limit Situations?
André Wiggerich - Federal Highway Research Institute
Information Needs regarding the purposeful Activation of Automated Driving Systems
Simon Danner - Technical University of Munich
Validation Method of a Radar Sensor Model under non-ideal Conditions for Testing Automated Driving Systems
Diogo Wachtel Granado - Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt/CARISSMA; Prof. Dr. Werner Huber - Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt
Digital Validation to confirm an L3 System
Zafer Kayatas - Mercedes-Benz AG 
Product Liability
Gail Gottehrer - Law Office of Gail Gottehrer LLC, Stamford, USA
Driver’s license for automated vehicles – towards representative test scenarios
Dr.-Ing. Kristian Höpping - FSD Fahrzeugsystemdaten GmbH
Change in the Automotive Industry: How do Tier 1 suppliers take on this Challenge.
Amadeus Bacher - Veoneer Germany GmbH
User-oriented Communication of Automated Driving
Elisabeth Shi - Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt)
The inherent Risk of Autonomous Road Vehicles
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Maurer - Technical University of Braunschweig
The Future of AV Safety: Opportunities, Challenges, and Imperatives
Dr. Mark R. Rosekind - Zoox Inc



Update on the IIHS Side Impact 2.0 Test
Becky Mueller - Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
IIHS 2.0 Side Impact Barrier | From Development up to Series Production
Alexander Spiegel - Ernst + Co. Prüfmaschinen GmbH
C-IASI Protocol Updates
Dr. Wei Xu - China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co. Ltd.
Latin NCAP Protocol Updates
Alejandro Furas - Global New Car Assessment Programme (Global NCAP)
Legal Requirements for Active Safety
Dr.-Ing. Patrick Seiniger - BASt - German Federal Highway Research Institute
Legal Requirements for Passive Safety
Oliver Zander - BASt - German Federal Highway Research Institute
Pedestrian Protection
Dirk-Uwe Gehring - BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH
Convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Passive Vehicle Safety
Franz Plaschkies - Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt
Legal and Rating Requirements of Vehicles with alternative Drives
Rainer Justen - Mercedes-Benz AG
Battery-Simulations for Crash and Safety
Mark Gevers - TECOSIM Technische Simulation GmbH
Testing of High Voltage Vehicles
Jan Christopher Kolb - Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt
Fire Brigade and High Voltage Vehicles - Do we know what we are doing?
Dr.-Ing. Rolf Erbe - Berlin Fire and Rescue Academy (BFRA)
Euro NCAP Protocol Updates
Direktor & Professor Andre Seeck - BASt - German Federal Highway Research Institute
C-NCAP Plan towards 2025
Yunlong Zhang - CATARC - China Automotive Technology & Research Center
The big Picture of ADS Legislation - How Everything is connected.
John F. Creamer -
Derivation of Scenario-based Test and Inspection Catalogs based on real Accident Data
Marcus Petzold - Verkehrsunfallforschung an der TU Dresden GmbH
From Concept to Release: Linking Simulation and Reality through virtual Test Methods
Dr. Nico Diercks - IAV GmbH
Euro NCAP 2023 VRU Update
Andreas Rigling - ADAC Technik Zentrum Landsberg
Product-neutral Evaluation of Human-Machine Interaction in Assisted Driving
André Wiggerich - Federal Highway Research Institute
Enhanced ADAS - How to create trust and acceptance of ADAS and AD
Dr. Azra Habibovic - Scania CV AB
Event Data Recorder (EDR) und Data Storage System for Automated Driving (DSSAD)
Marcus Wisch - BASt - German Federal Highway Research Institute



In situ X-ray Imaging for MPDB Crash Analysis
Philipp Bösl - Fraunhofer-Institut für Kurzzeitdynamik Ernst-Mach-Institut, EMI
Case Study: 90kph Oblique Sled Simulation with Pitching
Mike Deleeuw - Instron GmbH
Can a ServoSled brew Coffee? Additional applications for the ServoSled
Philipp Tölke - Seattle Safety Europe GmbH
Digitising of static installation examinations in child safety by means of 3D scanner
Denise Keck - EDAG Engineering GmbH
Cellbond Update: IIHS Barrier, Trolleys, ATDs
Paul Lemmen - Cellbond
THOR-50M ATD, new Findings from Testing and Certification
Alexander Schmitt - Kistler Instrumente GmbH
New Female and AV THOR Dummies
Dr. Thomas Kinsky - Humanetics Europe GmbH
Unmatched oil-damped Sensors
Philippe de Cordemoy - PCB Piezotronics Europe GmbH
Characterization of Lithium-Ion Batteries thermal Runaway under mechanical abusive Loading
Jean-Baptiste Mouillet - Altair Engineering GmbH
The daily Struggle on Test Tracks
Kai Golowko - Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH
UFOnano – enabling the new Generation of Pedestrian Active Safety Testing
Markus Schmidl - Humanetics Austria GmbH
Scaffolding necessary Safety Regulations – is there a List?
Klaas Ebel - measX GmbH & Co. KG
Nature Imitation: Environment Simulation for Active Safety Testing
Henning Münstermann, Frank Zemitzsch - SBI - Schreiber, Brand und Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
VTEHIL – A novel Technology for assessing the Safety Performance of full Vehicles in ADAS and ADS Scenarios
Xiaoying Li - Shanghai DIGAUTO Automobile Technology Co., Ltd.
Testing of complex Level 3 Highway Scenarios
Prof. Pim van der Jagt - AB Dynamics Europe GmbH



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