May 14-16, 2019 | Würzburg, Germany

Cooperation Forum Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

digital - connected - automated

Bayern Innovativ - Driver Assistance Systems 2017

The rapidly developing digitalisation of cars brings new challenges for the whole automotive industry.

On the way to connected and fully automated driving not only the technical development of hard- and software, but also the legal and political boundaries matter. The 14th ADAS Forum which was founded by the Automotive Cluster focusses trends and aspects of these challenges in 2017.

Experts from industry and research present amongst others an outlook of future sensor technologies as well as current national and international research projects. Topics like functional safety and legal boundaries regarding autonomous are addressed.

The ADAS Forum became a important exchange platform over the past years and offers practical information on current trends and possibilities for new cooperations in the field. The established forum takes place within the SafetyWeek and offers networking possibilities in combination with the SafetyExpo and the conference dinner. Please find more information on the 14th ADAS Forum here.

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