December 15 – 16, 2020  |  100% ONLINE


Euro NCAP UpDate 2020

Euro NCAP continues to set the pace in vehicle safety. In 2020, both the last points from the Roadmap 2020 and the first elements of the Roadmap 2025 will be implemented. Planning for the following years is also taking shape in more and more detail. The Rating Group has already agreed on the distribution of points until 2023. Various working groups have started work on the new test and assessment protocols.

The Euro NCAP UpDate brings you up-to-date on the implementation of the two roadmaps:
What has already been decided? What is planned?

At Euro NCAP UpDate, experts report directly from the Board of Directors and the working groups of Euro NCAP.

Previous UpDate attendees particularly appreciated this:

  • Very detailed and up-to-date information on the plans of Euro NCAP
  • Plenty of room for questions and discussion
  • First-hand knowledge


What are the next steps on the way to a scenario-based assessment at Euro NCAP?

Direktor & Professor Andre Seeck
BASt - German Federal Highway Research Institute