April 16 – 17, 2024 | Hanau, Germany


automotive CAE Grand Challenge 2024

Background, Concept and Implementation

In the last 30 years computer simulation has become an indispensable tool of automotive development. 

Challenges in virtual vehicle development

Despite of significant progress in simulation technology and impressive results in industrial application there remains a number of challenges.

The Grand Challenge as a platform for dialog

The automotive CAE Grand Challenge stimulates the exchange between users, scientists and software developers in order to solve these challenges. 

Grand Challenges 2023

The Grand Challenges 2023 have been identified through a survey among the simulation experts of the international automotive industry:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data:

    Massive Data Exploration of Simulation and Test Results
  • Body Stiffness & Strength:
    Structural Properties of Battery Packs
  • Cae Process & Quality Assurance:
    CAE in Advanced Vehicle Development (pre-CAD)
  • Full Vehicle Simulation:
    Virtual Testing of Autonomous Vehicles
  • Modeling Issues Crash Analysis:
    Modeling Crash Behavior of Battery Packs
  • Occupant Safety:
    Virtual Testing with Dummies und HBMs
  • Optimization & Robustness:
    Robust Design – Creating and Verifying Robust Designs

In the conference one session is dedicated to each of the most critical challenges, the "Grand Challenges".

In every session of the conference experts from industry, research and software development will explain how critical the individual challenge is for the virtual car development process and report about their efforts to overcome the challenge.