April 21 – 22, 2020   |   Congress Park Hanau, Germany

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

09:00 Welcome
Dr.-Ing. Dirk Ulrich - carhs.training gmbh

Challenge 1: Multi-Simulation - Simulating Battery and Electrical Engine Cooling

Chair: Christian Stender - Volkswagen AG
09:30 Industry Requirements – Designing a Battery-Electric Powertrain needs Predictive CAE Models
Mark Gevers - TECOSIM Technische Simulation GmbH
10:00 Determination of ageing effects of Li-Ion Batteries and implications for system design
Claudius Jehle - Fraunhofer-Institut für Verkehrs- und Infrastruktursysteme IVI
10:30 Rapid Estimations of Conjugate Heat Transfer – From Simplistic CFD Models to GPU-Accelerated Lattice Boltzmann Kernels
Dr. Wojciech Regulski, Bartosz Gorecki - QuickerSim
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Holistic Simulation of Electrified Powertrains - Towards Closing Gaps between Different Approaches of Virtual Engineering
Christian Kehrer - Altair Engineering GmbH
12:00 Maximizing Performance and Lifetime via Cooling Optimization of Battery HV-Path and E-Engine
Dr. Bernhard Brunnsteiner, Dr. Daniele Suzzi - AVL LIST GmbH
12:30 Software-Based Optimization of E-Machine Spray Cooling Systems
Ludwig Berger - CFD Schuck Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
13:00 Lunch Break

Challenge 2: Materials - Material and Failure Models for Metals

Chair: Achim Fellhauer - TRW Automotive Safety Systems GmbH
14:00 Material and Failure Models for Metals – Industry Requirements
Christian Cremer, Dr.-Ing. Robert Schilling - Ford-Werke GmbH
14:30 Modeling of Deformation and Damage Behavior of Extruded Aluminum Profiles
Dr. Dong-Zhi Sun - Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkstoffmechanik IWM; Dr. Florence Andrieux - Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkstoffmechanik IWM
14:55 New Material Models and Failure Criteria in Altair RADIOSS
Marian Bulla - Altair Engineering GmbH
15:20 Coffee Break
15:50 Failure Prediction Based on Material Model MF GenYld+CrachFEM – Focus on Metals with Orthotropy of Necking and Fracture
Dr.-Ing. Helmut Gese, Prof. Harry Dell, Matthias Reißner, Felix Brenner - MATFEM - Partnerschaft Dr. Gese & Oberhofer
16:15 Latest Developments in Plasticity, Damage and Failure Modelling for Metals in LS-DYNA
Dr.-Ing. David Koch, Dr.-Ing. André Haufe, Dr. Filipe Andrade - DYNAmore GmbH - Gesellschaft für FEM Ingenieurdienstleistungen
16:40 VALIMAT – A Smart Solution for Generating and Managing Material Cards
Tobias Schaffranek, Artur Fertschej - 4a engineering GmbH
17:05 Reducing testing activities for High-Strength Steel Material Characterization devoted to Crash related design
Eduardo Martín - Applus IDIADA Group

Challenge 3: SpecialSession - Virtual Testing of Autonomous Driving Vehicles

Chair: Alexander Frederic Walser - ASC-S Automotive Simulation Center Stuttgart e.V.
09:30 Virtual Testing of Autonomous Driving - Industrial Requirements
Dr.-Ing. Axel Hänschke - Ford-Werke GmbH
10:00 Virtual Testing of Infrastructure Measures for Automated Road Transport
Stefan Kirschbichler, Peter Wimmer - VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center
10:30 Simulation Driven Innovation for Autonomous Driving – From Sensor Analysis to Virtual Test Drive
Dr. Markus Schick - Altair Engineering GmbH
11:00 Coffee Break
11:30 Competing to Develop the best Autonomous Vehicles: Working together on Digital Development
Aniruddha Reddy - IPG Automotive GmbH
12:00 Smart Testing of Autonomous Systems
Dr. rer. nat. Michael Schlenkrich - MSC Software GmbH
12:30 Next steps in simulating advanced autonomous mobility
Thomas Reimer - Dassault Systemes Deutschland GmbH
13:00 Lunch Break

Challenge 4: NVH - Sound Design for Electric Vehicles

Chair: Lars Eilers - GNS mbH
14:00 Preliminary SEA Model Development and Acoustic Package Development for EV
Pasquale Napolitano, Qingmei Chang - NIO Nextev (UK) Limited
14:30 Virtual and experimental methods for NVH optimization – Current activities at Fraunhofer LBF
Jonathan Millitzer, Georg Stoll, Jan Hansmann, Heiko Atzrodt - Fraunhofer-Institut für Betriebsfestigkeit und Systemzuverlässigkeit LBF
15:00 Virtual Sound Design of Electric Powertrains Using MANATEE Software Combined with OROS NVH Acquisition Software
Dr. Jean Le Besnerais, Karine Degrendele - EOMYS ENGINEERING
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Optimization of Acoustic Warning Pedestrian Safety System Using Simulation
Arnaud Caillet, Massimiliano Calloni, Oussama Fatmi - ESI Group
16:30 NVH Optimized Vehicle Structure via Methods of DoE for the Integration of HV-Battery and E-Engin
Dr. Martin Schwab, Mehdi Mehrgou - AVL LIST GmbH
17:00 CAE Solutions To Overcome EV Sound Quality Barriers
Eberhard Erb - FFT Free Field Technologies; Romain Baudson - Free Field Technologies FFT


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Challenge 5: Crash - Modeling of Point Connections for Multi-Materials

Chair: Dr.-Ing. Robert Schilling - Ford-Werke GmbH
09:00 Modeling of Multi Material Joints in Crash Simulation: State of the Art, Risks, Conditions and Opportunities
Tony Porsch, Dr. Carsten Brüggemann, Dr. Helge Liebertz - Volkswagen AG
09:30 Modelling of the Deformation and Failure Behavior of Point Connections in Multi-Materials for Crash Simulation
Dr.-Ing. Silke Sommer, Lila Schuster, Philip Rochel - Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkstoffmechanik IWM
09:55 Virtual Testing Methodology for Bolts
Dr. Vicky Iliopoulou, Willian de Carvalho, Isabel Van de Weyenberg - Flanders Make
10:20 Coffee Break
10:50 A Nonlocal Approach for Modeling Crack Initiation at Point Connections
Dr. Thomas Heubrandtner - VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center et al.
11:15 Current Modeling Strategies for Point Connections in LS-DYNA
Dr. Filipe Andrade, Dr. Tobias Graf, Dr.-Ing. André Haufe, Guido Pietsch - DYNAmore GmbH - Gesellschaft für FEM Ingenieurdienstleistungen
11:40 An Overview of Connector Modelling for Multi-Material Structures CAE in ESI Virtual Performance Solution
Alexandre Dumon, Alain Tramecon - ESI Group; Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Müller - ESI GmbH; Jean-Christophe Allain - ESI Group
12:05 Multi Material Modeling with ANSA: An Application in the Automated Assembly Process in FORD
Athanasios Fokylidis - BETA CAE Systems S.A. et al.

Challenge 6: Fatigue - Influence of Manufacturing on Durability

Chair: Dr.-Ing. Axel Hänschke - Ford-Werke GmbH
09:00 Fatigue simulation on car body structures – current approach and future demands to consider the influence of manufacturing
Dr.-Ing. Boris Künkler - Opel Automobile GmbH
09:30 Fatigue Analysis of Additive Manufactured Components
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Udo Jung - THM University of Applied Sciences
10:00 Integration of Manufacturing Process Simulations in the Design Loop
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Schumacher - University of Wuppertal
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Challenges in the Fatigue Strength Analysis of Additively Manufactured Metallic Components based on Finite-Element Simulations
Kai Schnabel, Dr.-Ing. Jörg Baumgartner, Matilde Scurria - Fraunhofer-Institut für Betriebsfestigkeit und Systemzuverlässigkeit LBF
11:30 Efficient Subsequent Chaining of Manufacturing Steps Like Stamping and Welding for Further Durability Assessment
Dr. Oliver Goy - ESI Engineering System International GmbH; Willem van Hal, Yannick Vincent - ESI Group
12:00 We Close the Simulation Chain from Production to Service Cycle
Klaus Hofwimmer, Wolfgang Hübsch, Axel Werkhausen - Magna Powertrain ECS Steyr GmbH & Co. KG
12:30 Lunch Break

Challenge 7: CAE General - AI Process Automation and Quality Assurance

Chair: Dr.-Ing. Dirk Rensink - :em engineering methods AG
13:30 Practical Challenges on the Battlefield of CAE Machine Learning
Constantin Diez - LASSO Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
14:00 Virtual Product Development assisted by Machine Learning
Prof. Dr. Jochen Garcke, Dr. Rodrigo Iza-Teran - Fraunhofer-Institut für Algorithmen und Wissenschaftliches Rechnen SCAI
14:25 AI Applications for Crash Simulation Results
Dr. Lennart Jansen, Clemens-August Thole, Dominik Borsotto - SIDACT GmbH
14:50 Empowering the Application of Machine Learning Techniques through Simulation Data Management
Marko Thiele - SCALE GmbH; Akhil Pillai - TU Dresden; Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Uwe Reuter - Technische Universität Dresden
15:15 Coffee Break
15:45 Machine Learning of Crash Events Based on FEM Simulations
Dr. André Backes - TECOSIM Technische Simulation GmbH
16:10 Applications for AI-Based Geometry Understanding
Dr. Stefan Suwelack, Steffen Slavetinsky - Renumics GmbH
16:35 Machine Learning application to Rapid/Batch CAE Meshing of large complex parts
Prakash „Krish“ Krishnaswamy - Xitadel Group; Umesh Mallikarjunaiah - Xitadel CAE Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
17:00 Summary and Farewell
Rainer Hoffmann - carhs.training gmbh



Program subject to change.