October 11-12, 2018 | Changzhou, China

Consumer protection organizations constantly increase their requirements on emergency brake assistants for passenger cars: Test cases with visual obstruction and higher expected speed reductions are the prerequisites for a 5-star rating in Euro NCAP or a Top Safety Pick+ of the IIHS.

As next step, legal working groups prepare the introduction of AEB systems for passenger cars.

Heavy commercial vehicles and buses are already further ahead: they must be equipped with emergency brake assistants as standard since 2015. In order to further reduce the number of accidents, the requirements defined in UN R 131 will be reinforced and the scope will be extended to vehicle categories N2 and M2.

The PraxisConference AEB|AES brings you together with the experts on the topic. Proven and new technologies for testing and releasing automated emergency functions are used live. Prepared for you:

  • The presentation of current and future requirements concerning emergency braking, evasion and highly automated driving functions, as well as development strategies that lead to a robust system.
  • Direct dialogoues with the boundary condition's designers for the development of automated emergency braking and evasion functions: Legislative representatives, consumer protection organizations, OEM departments and suppliers of simulation and testing technologies.
  • Practical experience with various test setups, targets, driving robots and control software at the stations of the DemoDay.


近年来,NCAP和IIHS不断提高对乘用车自动紧急制动系统的要求,具有视觉障碍和更高预期速度降低的测试工况已经成为欧洲NCAP 5星评级或IIHS顶级安全性Pick+的先决条件。作为下一步,法规工作组也准备引入乘用车AEB系统。自2015年以来,欧洲法规已经要求重型商用车和客车必须配备AEB系统。为进一步减少事故数量,UN R131法规规定的要求将得到进一步加强,范围将扩大到欧洲N2和M2车辆类别。



  • 当前和未来对AEB、事故避免以及高度自动驾驶功能的需求,以及针对系统鲁棒性的开发策略;
  • 提供法规制定部门、NCAP、OEM以及相关供应商等技术人员针对AEB/AES和事故避免等技术的直接对话交流机会;
  • 技术展示当天将展出各种测试设备、目标车/目标假人、驾驶机器人以及控制软件等,并交流测试技术和经验。

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