October 11-12, 2017   |   Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

PraxisConference Crash Dummy

The Hands-on Conference

A new generation of crash test dummies is entering the market. THOR, World SID and Q-Dummies replace older dummy models. This brings some challenges:

  • The new dummies require significant adaptations of restraint system, vehicle interiors and vehicle structures.

  • The calibration and certification of the new dummies is much more demanding for the laboratories.

  • The handling of the new and more complex dummies with their digital instrumentation and new sensors require entirely new processes and intensive training of the technical staff.

  • Validated and robust CAE models of the new dummies are required to perform meaningful and reliabele simulations.

The new PraxisConference Crash Dummy, jointly organized by BGS Böhme & Gehring and carhs.training, is dedicated to these issues. It brings together users and developers, and sees itself as a communication platform for experts.

A highlight of the event is the hands-on praxis session in the laboratory of the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) where topics such as dummy seating, calibration, measurement, mounting and handling are shown in practice and attendees can gain hands-on experience.

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