July 03 – 04, 2024  |  Bergisch Gladbach, Germany


PraxisConference Pedestrian Protection

The first conference in the test lab

The unique concept of the PraxisConference, which was jointly designed and developed by BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH and carhs.training gmbh, ideally combines the expertise of a top-class conference with the conciseness of live tests, highly instructive practical demonstrations and detailed explanations on the vehicle.

The PraxisConference Pedestrian Protection has been held annually since 2006 at the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) and has established itself as the world's largest meeting of experts on pedestrian protection.

Even this year visitors will have the opportunity to choose between attending the conference on site and participating in the live stream of the conference.

Top-class experts

In the lecture session of the conference, representatives from the automotive industry, authorities and institutions will speak about current developments and research projects. International experts will report on the progress of the committees working on legislation and consumer protection test procedures (NCAP). Other presentations will show practical experience in the execution of tests and present new solutions for pedestrian protection.

What is special about the PraxisConference : Hands-on pedestrian protection

As the name suggests, the PraxisConference is not a normal conference, but brings together theory and practice. On both conference days there is a detailed practical session. On the first day, the current test methods for pedestrian protection will be presented in the laboratory and on the BASt outdoor area, both for passive safety and for active safety. On the second day of the conference, automobile manufacturers will present the pedestrian protection measures of their current models directly on the exhibited vehicle and will provide deep insights into the respective solutions.

More than pedestrian protection

When the conference started in 2006, it was still all about pedestrian protection. In the meantime the topic has been broadened: All vulnerable road users (VRU) are addressed, including cyclists and motorcyclists.

International audience

150 experts from 15 countries, including 18 different automobile manufacturers, took part in the 2023 PraxisConference. The event is the international industry meeting point for pedestrian protection.

Who should attend?

The PraxisConference is aimed at both experts and newcomers in the field of VRU protection. Experts receive an update on current legal and technical developments and use the conference to exchange experiences with colleagues. Beginners will get a very practice-oriented overview of the topic and can use the event to establish contacts with pedestrian protection experts.


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