May 14-16, 2019 | Würzburg, Germany


SafetyLighting focusses on the increasing importance of headlights in automotive safety, as new requirements for headlights were just introduced. IIHS established a new rating for headlights which evaluates both the illumination of the road and the glare of oncoming traffic. To achieve the highest IIHS award from 2018, the IIHS Top SafetyPick+, vehicles need to acquire a “Good” rating. NHTSA also included the topic into their plans for the U.S. NCAP upgrade and already published a test and rating procedure for it.

The SafetyLighting presents current and future requirements for headlights as well as solutions and methods to meet these. Experts from consumer protection organizations, legislation and industry show the current developments on headlights.

Conference Topics

  • Current Requirements on Headlights
  • Legal requirements
  • Consumer Protection Ratings
  • Test and development methods
  • Solutions and Technologies

 Who should attend?

The SafetyLighting targets automotive development engineers and technicians, who are involved with the development and testing of headlights.