2022  |  Shanghai, China


Automotive Safety Summit Shanghai | 汽车 安全 上海

Safety Technologies for the intelligent, autonomous and
electrified automobile of the future.

Since 2014, the »Automotive Safety Summit Shanghai« is attracting more than 300 automotive safety experts from China and beyond to discuss the latest requirements and innovations in active and passive safety. Accompanied by a comprehensive trade exhibition with the worldwide vendors of development technologies and services, the summit is the leading event for everyone involved in automotive safety. The 2021 event focused on automotive safety in the context of the current megatrends: NEV, ADAS and ADS.

Keynotes from international experts, presentations on requirements and innovations, the latest developments in testing and simulation for active and passive systems made this event a true highlight for every decision maker and expert in the fields of active and passive safety as well as future mobility.

Focus areas of the 2021 Automotive Safety Summit Shanghai:

  • New and upcoming global NCAP and legal Requirements
  • ADAS and ADS Validation & Verification Technologies
  • Passive Safety Testing Equipment and Technologies
  • Virtual Testing for Development and Certification
  • NEV Safety Assurance - Strategies and Validation in Simulation and Test

Who should attend:

»Automotive Safety Summit Shanghai« is addressing decision makers and engineers at all stages of the development phase, managers during the conceptual phase who need to understand upcoming global requirements, design engineers, testing and simulation specialists.



2014年以来,"上海汽车安全峰会 "吸引了上千位来自国内外的汽车安全专家,共同探讨主动和被动安全的最新需求和创新。伴随着与全球开发技术和服务厂商的综合贸易展览,该峰会是每一个从事汽车安全的相关人员的领先盛会。2021年的活动将聚焦于当前大趋势下的汽车安全。NEVADASADS



  • 新的和即将到来的全球NCAP和法律要求
  • ADASADS验证和核查技术
  • 被动安全测试设备和技术
  • 开发和认证的虚拟测试
  • NEV安全保证--模拟和测试中的策略和验证