July 16 - 17, 2018   |   Shanghai, China

Automotive Safety Summit Shanghai

The »Automotive Safety Summit Shanghai« is attracting more than 300 automotive safety experts from China and beyond to discuss the latest requirements and innovations in active and passive safety. Accompanied by a comprehensive trade show with the worldwide vendors in development technologies and services, the summit is the leading event for everyone involved in automotive safety. The 2018 event will focus on automotive safety in the context of current Megatrends: NEV, ADAS and AD.

Join »Automotive Safety Summit Shanghai« on July 16 - 17, 2018 at the Kerry Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai, China.

Keynotes from international experts, presentations on requirements and innovations, the latest developments in testing and simulation for active and passive systems will make this event a true highlight for every decision maker and engineer in the fields of active and passive safety. With the rapid rise of New Energy Vehicles (EV, PHEV and FCV), new challenges are surfacing for the safety community. The »Automotive Safety Summit Shanghai« is setting a focal point on Safety of New Energy Vehicles, discussing requirements, technologies and validation aspects for safety of NEVs.


像以往一样,本会议的各个主题讲演将由国际一流的专家来完成。主要介绍最新的法规及 、 NCAP和汽车安全领域新发展趋势和技术,包括主被动安全的测试和模拟技术等。相信这些将为本次会议提供更多的亮点,使参会者,无论是汽车开发的决策者还是开发设计人员,都获得更多的提升和实惠。随着新能源汽车的高速发展,汽车安全开发面临新的挑战。本次安全峰会将以新能源汽车安全为主题,全面讨论如何使设计的能源车满足相关法规和NCAP 、 同时共享相关的开发技术。

The event will have dedicated sessions on the following topics:

  • Safety of New Energy Vehicles
  • Global legal and Consumer Requirements
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Safety Testing and Simulation
  • Safety in Autonomous Driving

A special session will be dedicated to Start-Ups in automotive Safety, featuring young companies with highly innovative ideas.

Who should attend:

»Automotive Safety Summit Shanghai« is addressing decision makers and engineers at all stages of the development phase, managers during the conceptual phase who need to understand upcoming global requirements, design engineers, testing and simulation specialists.

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