July 15 – 16, 2019   |   Shanghai, China

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Monday, July 15, 2019

Welcome Speech by AERI

+++ Safety of New Energy Vehicles (Plenary)

Vehicle Safety and Vehicle Battery Safety
Prof. Qing Zhou - Tsinghua University

Virtual Safety Assessment from Complete Vehicle to Cell Level in Side Impact
t.b.a. - AVL List GmbH

Frontal and Side Impact for Battery Electric Vehicles
Kai Golowko - Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH


+++ Entering International Markets: Legal and NCAP Requirements (Plenary)

Chair: Saeed Barbat - Ford Motor Company

Euro NCAP Status and Upcoming Changes 2020-2025
Dr. Michiel van Ratingen - Euro NCAP

FMVSS and Safety Requirements under Self-Certification
John F. Creamer - GlobalAutoRegs.com

ASEAN NCAP Roadmap and Strategies to enter the ASEAN Market
Dr. Khairil Anwar Bin Abu Kassim - ASEAN NCAP

International NCAP Roadmaps: IIHS, Japan and Latin America
Direktor & Professor Andre Seeck - BASt - German Federal Highway Research Institute


+++ Future of China Safety Requirements (Plenary)

C-NCAP Updates and Roadmap
Weijing 李维菁 Li - CATARC - China Automotive Technology & Research Center


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

+++ Testing for Passive Safety (Technical Session)

Chair: Constantin Hoffmann - carhs.training GmbH

The New Reality of Crash Testing with M=BRAKE
Guang Zhu - Chongqing Messring Trading Co., LTD

Instron's Answer to Increasing Test Requirements
Steve Mareno - Instron Structural Testing Systems

High Dynamic Actuators for Small Catapult and Active Lateral Instrusion Simulation
Dr.-Ing. Perfecte Sanchis - ENCOPIM S.L.

ServoSled Innovations for upcoming Market Requirements
Philipp Tölke - Seattle Safety Europe GmbH

Optimized Workflow and Enhanced Safety in Test Laboratories for Vehicle Safety Parts
Bodo Streich - HuDe GmbH 

Instrumented Pole: Data Acquisition, Conversion and Analysis
Alexander Schmitt - Kistler Instrumente GmbH

Cellbond Barriers and ATDs
Dr. Mike Ashmead - Cellbond

ARGOSY-XAC M-PDB Barrier: Technical Development and Validations Overview
Dr. Arnauld Malak - ARGOSY-XAC / CT-Sim GmbH

ATD Development – Roadmap Update and Introduction of THOR-AV
Dr. Thomas Kinsky - Humanetics Europe GmbH

Kistler Thor Dummy and Kistler IRTRACC Sensor (KiTRACC)
Alexander Schmitt - Kistler Instrumente GmbH

High Speed Dynamic Pressure Imaging
Terry Wason - XSENSOR Technology Corporation

VISOL 3000W LED High Speed Lighting to replace traditional HMI one to one
James Park - VISOL Inc.


+++ Testing for Active Safety (Technical Session)

Chair: Dr. Yumin Zhu - carhs (China)

Research and Development of Vehicle Safety
Weiguo Liu - Geely Vehicle Research Institute 

MESSRING Active Safety: Solutions for safer mobility
Dierk Arp - MESSRING GmbH 

Testing Solutions for AEB / AES Development
Markus Schmidl - Humanetics Austria GmbH

Autonomous Driving Testing Method
Dr. Lin Li - Shanghai International Automobile City Group Co., Ltd.


+++ Virtual Development and Simulation (Technical Session)

Chair: Pierre Culiere - ESI Group

Obese Occupants Modeling Challenges
Dr. Saeed David Barbat - Ford Motor Company 

Virtual Benchmarking Solutions for MPDB and RCAR
Mark Gevers - TECOSIM Technische Simulation GmbH

Active Human Body Modeling for Virtual Test Driving
Prof. Hyung Yun Choi - Digital Human Lab


+++ Safety for Intelligent and Automated Vehicles (Plenary)

Human in the Loop Simulation for HAD
Prof. Hyung Yun Choi - Digital Human Lab

Automated Vehicles: Global Regulation through WP.29
John F. Creamer - GlobalAutoRegs.com

How to assess intelligent and autonomous vehicles in NCAP?
Direktor & Professor Andre Seeck - BASt - German Federal Highway Research Institute


Program subject to change.