May 14 – 16, 2024 | Hanau, Germany

SafetyTesting Challenge

May 14, 2024

Testing is a key element in the product development cycle of any new vehicle development and its active and passive safety functions. In collaboration with the industry experts in our program committee we defined the current challenges of the safety testing landscape.

Join us for a new conference format where the industry leaders challenge the test tool and testing suppliers and their hard- and software solutions. Four sessions will be defined to focus on one of the challenges that will provide the platform for dialogue and discussion.

We have invited global leaders out of the full safety testing spectrum to answer these industry calls.

Xuefeng Wang,

Passive Safety Session Active Safety Session
State of the Art Sled Testing –
Yaw Pitch Roll
Swarm Testing
Challenges in AV Testing Validation Tool Chain
Big Test Data: Modern Crash Test Evaluation Next Level Proving Grounds –
PG and Road Digitalization
                                    Virtual Testing for Automotive Safety

Who should attend?

The SafetyTesting Challenge is suited for engineers and decision makers from testing departments for active and passive safety. Both experts and newcomers get an overview over the latest innovations in test equipment and software tool and find ample opportunity to share their own experiences with industry colleagues.


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