May 15-17, 2018 | Würzburg, Germany

SafetyUpDate CyberSecurity

The all new SafetyUpDate CyberSecurity focusses on requirements and challenges of data security resulting from connected driver assistance systems / ADAS. Modern safety systems are benefitting from communication with infrastructure and other vehicles (V2X) and increase the safety potential drastically. Creating new communication interfaces result in opening the system and increasing the risk of interference of third parties, especially with braking and steering systems.

The SafetyUpDate CyberSecurity displays current security risks, shows how to evaluate and rate them and which actions can be taken to avoid and handle potential attacks. Cyber Security experts from IT and automotive development present current methods and developments.

Conference Topics

  • Challenges for Cyber Security
  • Security vulnerability
  • Risks and potential attacks
  • The Human Factor
  • Evaluation methods
  • Solutions and Technologies

Who should attend?

The SafetyUpDate CyberSecurity Conference targets engineers in the automotive development who are involved with safety relevant communication interfaces.