May 14-16, 2019 | Würzburg, Germany

SafetyUpDate +active

The UpDate Concept: Brings you quickly up-to-date

The concept is familiar: To keep software up-to-date you regularly make an update. The same is true for automotive safety engineering: To keep yourself up-to-date you have to attend the SafetyUpDate on a regular basis. Here you get a comprehensive overview of all relevant news in automotive safety.

New: Active + Passive Safety = SafetyUpdate +active

The SafetyUpDate reflects the close integration of active and passive safety and combines both topics in one event. General topics such as the NCAP consumer tests are dealt with in plenary presentations, whereas specific topics such as testing are presented in parallel session on active respectively passive safety.


From Experts for Experts

The speakers are leading experts from government agencies, consumer protection organizations, industry and universities. We consider it important that the UpDate presentations are product-neutral and practical.


Vehicles Live on Stage

Leading OEMs present the safety concepts of their current models. The attendees can have a close look at the cars exhibited in the conference room and discuss the safety features with the OEM representatives.


Meeting Point: Expert Dialog

In addition to the presentations the SafetyUpDate encourages the communication among experts. After the presentations the speakers are available for discussions at the MeetingPoint.