May 13 – 15, 2025 | Frankfurt/Hanau, Germany


May 14 – 15, 2025

The SafetyUpDate provides an overview of all relevant new developments in vehicle safety in 2 days. The SafetyUpDate topics:

  • Legal requirements (UN Regulations, ...) and NCAP tests (Euro NCAP, IIHS, C-NCAP, ...)
  • Development tools: test & simulation
  • Development strategies & solutions
  • Biomechanics & accident research
  • Current focus topics: Safety of vehicles with alternative drives or occupant status monitoring.

The SafetyUpDate
... provides impulses from the other disciplines (active/passive safety, different load cases, ...)

... replaces outdated knowledge with new findings

... points out upcoming changes in requirements at an early stage

... changes the perspective - through exchange with colleagues

... enables valuable contacts - through personal conversations with representatives of committees, boards and working groups

... imparts knowledge from first-line speakers - board members, working group leaders, project leaders

... is clearly focused on automation levels up to assisted driving (from level 3: Auto[nom]Mobil)

... promotes questions, discussions and impulses of the participants

... places the technical development in the context of real-life accidents

Behind the SafetyUpDate there is a team with many years of experience in vehicle safety, simulation and biomechanics.

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