September 19 – 20, 2023  |  Graz, Austria

Here you see a recap of the program of the SafetyUpDate Graz 2022. As soon as the program of the 2023 conference is finalized, you will find it here.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Welcome & Introduction
Ralf Reuter - gmbh; Prof. Dr. Hermann Steffan - Graz University of Technology
Accident research: Malfunction of Safety Systems in the Field
Prof. Dr. Hermann Steffan - Graz University of Technology
  • Malfunctions of AEB systems
  • Malfunction of active bonnets
Occupant Protection Today and in the Future, Future Requirements in Consumer Protection
Volker Sandner - ADAC Technik Zentrum Landsberg
  • Diversity
  • New seating positions for automated driving
  • Consideration in the Euro NCAP Roadmap
Global Dummy Update
Dr. Thomas Kinsky - Humanetics Europe GmbH
  • NHTSA Announcements for Future ATDs
  • ATDs for Frontal Impact: THOR-50M, THOR-5F, THOR-AV
  • ATDs for Side Impact: WorldSID-50M, WorldSID-5F
Open Access Virtual Testing with Human Body Models
Ass. Prof. Dr. Corina Klug - Graz University of Technology
  • Results from the VIRTUAL project: New open source Human Body Models VIVA+ and related tools and protocols
  • Roadmap for usage of Human Body Models in Virtual Testing in regulation and consumer information testing and information on the HBM4VT Initiative
  • News from the Euro NCAP Virtual Testing Crashworthiness Working Group
Regulations for Passive Safety
Oliver Zander - BASt - German Federal Highway Research Institute
  • Legislative Process in the European Union and UN/ECE
  • Focus: UN Regulations on Pedestrian Safety
  • Further Passive Vehicle Safety Topics at GRSP & WP.29 / Current Status of Crash Regulations
  • International Whole Vehicle Type Approval (IWVTA)
  • Electronic Database for Exchange of Type Approval Documentation (DETA)
Crash Safety of Electric Vehicles
Rainer Justen - Mercedes-Benz AG
  • Special safety aspects of electric vehicles
  • Differences to conventional vehicles
  • High-voltage safety
  • Crash concepts
  • Rescue aspects
A Multiphysics Approach for Impact Assessment of Mechanically Induced Short Circuits in Batteries.
Dr. Christoph Breitfuß - VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research GmbH
  • Multiphysics simulation toolbox for the estimation of short-circuit consequences by combining the simulation disciplines crash, thermal runaway and cooling
  • Virtual design of measures against thermal runaway propagation
Crashworthiness optimization of a load-bearing structural integration of an EPTW battery pack
Markus Fasching - Graz University of Technology
  • Protection of the traction battery as a major challenge for two-wheelers
  • Optimization method for crash-proof integration of traction batteries in electric two-wheeled vehicles
  • Validation of the method by crash tests with different traction batteries
Reduced Battery Cell Models for Crash Simulation
Julia Eichtinger - VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research GmbH
  • Overview reduction methods
  • ROM for mapping stiffness
  • ROM for mapping the short circuit risk
End of the first Conference Day


Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Woodbased Materials in Structural and Load-bearing Automotive Applications
Dr. Florian Feist - Graz University of Technology
  • Wood and woodbased materials: Properties, benefits, strengths and weaknesses
  • Application examples: Side-Impact Beam, Chassis of electric ATV, Battery-Housing, Impact-Liners
Importance of Safety and Security Standards for Future Development and Type Approval of Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV)
Udo Steininger - TÜV SÜD Rail GmbH
  • Introduction of Dependability Domains Functional Safety, Safety Of The Intended Functionality (SOTIF) and Cyber Security
  • Interaction of Corresponding Safety and Security Standards
  • Consideration of Standards in National and International Regulations
  • Exemplary Implementation of SOTIF Requirements for Driverless Vehicles and Consequences for Practical Application
Recreating Adverse Weather Conditions for Automotive Testing
Dr. Christoph Feichtinger - DigiTrans GmbH
  • Natural rain
  • How to quantify natural rain?
  • How to produce natural rain?
  • What is the Influence of rain on automotive sensors?
  • Digitrans outdoor rain simulation plant
  • Testing capabilities on outdoor rain plants
Euro NCAP - Upcoming Changes and Roadmap
Volker Sandner - ADAC Technik Zentrum Landsberg
  • Upcoming Changes in 2023
    • Child Presence Detection
    • Occupant Status Monitoring
  • Roadmap 2030
    • New Rating System
    • New Rating Items
Suppliers Perspective on C-NCAP and C-IASI Updates
Cloud Zhao - Autoliv (Shanghai) Vehicle Safety System Technical Center Co., Ltd.
  • C-NCAP 2025+ Research Direction
  • C-NCAP 2025 Virtual Testing
  • C-IASI 2023+ Research Direction
Austria goes Euro NCAP
Prof. Dr. Hermann Steffan - Graz University of Technology
  • Testing facilities and equipment
  • Expertise
  • Ideas for the future
Summary & Farewell
Prof. Dr. Hermann Steffan - Graz University of Technology; Ralf Reuter - gmbh




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