July 19, 2018   |   Tokyo, Japan

SafetyUpDate Japan

SafetyUpDate Japan is a high-level one-day event focussing on the latest requirements and innovations for automotive safety development. SafetyUpdate Japan supports the young engineers exchange program AC Fund.

About AC Fund

The AC Fund provides young engineers with the opportunity to experience automotive engineering in foreign countries and acquire cross­‐cultural competencies. The program is initially targeted at an exchange between Japan and Germany.

The AC Fund has been initiated by Agile Network Co. and carhs.training gmbh. The AC Fund is privately funded.

Agile Network Co. was founded in 1996 by its current president, Mr. Koichi Kawada. The company has been providing CAE consulting services to the automotive industry for OEMs and suppliers. Customers included Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, TTDC, JSOL Corporation and others. A consultant to Agile is Dr. Toshio Kobayashi (former president of JARI). Agile Network is a privately owned company located in Saitama, Japan.
Since 1999 carhs.training gmbh is providing training to the automotive community worldwide. Today the leading OEMs and suppliers trust carhs.training for its educational programs and continued training of their development engineers. carhs.training is a privately owned company located in Alzenau, Germany.

What is supported by AC Fund?
Currently the program supports 4 young engineers every year and it is targeted at an exchange period of 4 - 6 weeks. The program offers free seminar and conference participation, internships at automotive OEMs or supplier companies. AC Fund will also provide international travel and accommodation for the participants.

Supporters of the AC Fund
At this time the program is actively supported by the founders of the AC Fund, BASt, BMW, ESI Japan, Kistler, Instron, Isuzu, JSOL Corporation, Messring, PCO and TASS International.


今年もドイツCarhs Training gmbh主催の “SAFETYWEEK 2018” が5月16日~18日の3日間 フランクフルト近郊の
バイエルン州 Wuerzburgで開催されました。

ACファンドは第5回目となるセミナー、“SafetyUpdate 2018 in Japan” を下記の様に開催いたします。

新たな講演者として、BMW社のKlaus Kompass氏 (Prof. Vice President Vehicle Safety BMW Group)を迎え、
 Andre Seeck氏 (Director & Professor BASt )からは Euro NCAP ロードマップ・ヨーロッパの安全技術の紹介、