May 23 – 25, 2023 | Würzburg, Germany

SafetyWeek News

February 10, 2023  Top experts confirm for SafetyWeek 

The SafetyWeek 2023 lecture program is taking shape. For Auto[nom]Mobil we have already published a first program preview, here only a few more speaker confirmations are pending. We are delighted that top international experts have once again confirmed their attendance at this year's SafetyWeek, including Prof. Dr. Dietrich Manstetten, Chief Expert Human-Machine Interaction at Robert Bosch GmbH, Dr. Florian Raisch, Senior Manager Safety in Use and Impact Assessment at the BMW Group, Dr. Jessica S. Jermakian, Vice President Vehicle Research at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), Dr.-Ing. Ing. Sven Nitsche, Head of Integral Safety Concepts at BMW Group, Director & Professor Andre Seeck, Head of the Vehicle Technology Division at the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt), and Marc van Impe, Government Affairs Manager at Tesla.

April 08, 2022  Interview with Prof. Klaus Kompaß 

Prof. Klaus Kompaß, Chairman of the Program Committee of Auto[nom]Mobil talked to Maren Finck about this year's program
of this sub-event of SafetWeek. 
Kompaß gives a preview of the conference's exciting lecture program, in particular the keynote lectures by the two Americans Dr. Richard Bishop and Dr. Stephen Ridella from the NHTSA. He also emphasizes the pronounced dialog character of the event, which is primarily aimed at cross-company and cross-organizational collaboration in the safe design of automated driving.

March 09, 2022  Interview with Director and Professor Andre Seeck 

Maren Finck, Program Director of SafetyUpDate talked to Director
and Professor 
Andre Seeck from the German Federal Highway
Research Institute about 20 
years of SafetyWeek. Seeck has been a speaker since the beginning and reports annually on what's new from Euro NCAP. In this interview with Maren Finck, he looks back on the last 20 years and gives an initial preview of what there will be to report at SafetyWeek 2022. The focus here is in particular on the Roadmap 2030, which is currently being developed and discussed. Andre Seeck will talk about this in detail at the SafetyUpDate
on May 18.


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