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Validation and Updating of Finite Element Models for Structural Analysis


Finite element analysis has become a tool for upfront structural analysis and decision-making. Because of the growing complexity of real life engineering structures, simulation models must be validated and updated using test data or high fidelity models to assess the quality of FE models and increase confidence in the results. Today the process can be largely automated using specialized and integrated software tools. All major steps of the FE model validation process will be reviewed, including importing and preparing FEA and test data, using correlation metrics, selecting updating parameters, defining realistic targets, computing sensitivity coefficients, running updating loops and post-processing the results. Methods are illustrated by practical cases. They can be applied to a wide range of industrial applications, regardless of the finite element solver, test system or computing platform that are used. The focus will be on finite element models for applications in structural dynamics. Complementary technologies and applications like probabilistic analysis, pretest planning, structural modifications, force identification and material characterization will also be discussed. By the end of the course you have learned how physical experiments can be used to validate and update a finite element model and how to integrate FE model updating in any industrial simulation workflow. The participants will also learn about practical decision-making to successfully start, manage and complete a model validation project.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for anyone interested in learning the state-of-the-art in finite element model validation and updating for structural static and dynamic analysis. Participants typically have a background in CAE, engineering quality assurance, structural dynamics, modal testing, or noise and vibration troubleshooting. The methods shown can be applied to a wide range of industrial applications.

Course Contents

  • Overview of model verification, validation and updating for structural analysis
  • Database management and interfacing with commercial finite element software and test data
  • Using internal and external finite element solvers for re-analysis
  • FE-test correlation analysis
  • Modal test planning
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Model updating for static analysis, modal analysis, and frequency response analysis
  • Advanced model updating concepts (multi-model updating, parameter relations, superelements,...)
  • Force identification
  • Using approximations for fast re-analysis
  • Probabilistic model validation and updating
  • Applications of model updating

Eddy Dascotte
Dynamic Design Solutions (DDS) NV

Dascotte Ir. E. Dascotte has studied civil engineering at the University of Brussels. Since 1987 he has consulted, developed software and presented courses for companies worldwide in the fields of structural dynamics, finite element model updating and design optimization. In 1994, Ir. Dascotte co-founded and became general manager of DDS, a research and development company specializing in test-analysis integration.

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