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Advances in Sensors for Automated Driving


The seminar addresses the crucial importance of surround sensors for safe and reliable automated driving. After an introduction into the target scenarios and key technologies of automated and autonomous driving, challenges, technology gaps and system limits are discussed. In recent years, the performance and capabilities of RaDAR, cameras, LiDAR and Ultrasonic sensors have been significantly improved and enhanced. Ultimately, the robustness and classification reliability needed for Level 4 full automated driving shall be achieved by sensor fusion and redundancies, utilizing artificial intelligence. Step-by-step, state of the art and new advanced sensor technologies will be discussed:

  • RaDAR: 3D-Phased Array Scanning, Digital Beam Control, Micro-Doppler-Effect,
  • LASER Cross-Array Scanning,
  • 3D-Solid State LiDAR, Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting LASER (VCSEL),
  • Single-Photon-Avalanche Diodes (SPAD),
  • Cameras: Digital Image Processing utilizing neuronal networks (deep learning),
  • Sensor-fusion and redundancies,
  • RaDAR, LiDAR and camera based road signature,
  • Self-localization and matching (SLAM),
  • High definition maps and communication systems,
  • Artificial intelligence (deep learning, reinforcement learning),
  • Driver vigilance monitoring.

Who should attend?

The seminar addresses all engineers, technicians and experts working in the development, application and research of automated driving systems and vehicle safety. Over and above, the seminar may be interesting and useful to all experts in traffic safety and planning, marketing and industrial engineering. Basically, all experts somehow dealing with automated driving and vehicle safety being interested in current and future sensor technologies are very welcome.

Course Contents

  • Scenarios and technologies of automated driving
  • Legislation status and legal requirements
  • System limits, gaps and challenges
  • State of the art and advances of utilized sensors
  • Operating safety
  • Use of intelligent algorithms and artificial intelligence

Dr. rer. nat. Lothar Groesch
Groesch Automotive Safety Consulting

Groesch For more then 44 years, Dr. Lothar Grösch has been working in vehicle safety, both passive (crash sensing and electronics, occupant protection) and active safety (surround sensors, accident avoidance). First of all working for 18 years for one of the leading OEMs in vehicle safety, another 16 years followed in automotive safety sensors and electronics at one of the major automotive suppliers. Working as a Product Director for Automotive Safety Systems in the US from 2000 through 2009, he is particularly familiar with the specific requirements of the US market, legislation and product liability. Since 2009, Dr. Groesch has been doing consulting business under the name Automotive Safety Consulting with focus on driver assistance, accident avoidance and autonomous driving. Last but not least, he is teaching automotive safety at several universities and has conducted numerous in-house seminars about automotive safety.

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