April 25 – 26, 2023 | Hanau, Germany

asc-s Workshop: "simpulse day"

Fluid-Structure-Interaction for Virtual Water Management

July 06, 2022 | 13:00 – 16:30


Virtual water management of modern vehicle bodies continuously confronts developers, simulation software providers and scientists with new tasks and problems. In this context, the interaction between water and structure must be determined quickly and accurately under a variety of use cases, even before hardware prototypes are created. The research and development of new virtual methods enables the increase of development quality and in the end ensures customer satisfaction. With our event we want to provide simulation experts with a forum for exchange around agile and collaborative research and development environments on the tool side. According to the objectives of the asc(s association, representatives from science and industry are invited to participate in a software independent discussion forum for pre-competitive exchange and initiation of research groups / projects. 


Industry-driven requirements and use cases, scientific approaches as well as best-practices for the co-simulation on Fluid-Structure-Interaction (FSI) for automotive water management with latest methods and different software algorithms based on 

  • SPH - Smoothed-particle Hydrodynamics
  • CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • FEM - Finite Element Methods
  • IGA - Isogeometric Analysis
  • . . .

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