Sponsoring automotive Safety Summit Shanghai

Package Silver Gold Platin
Free conference tickets including evening event 4 8 16
Logo placement/size* medium medium 2 pages
Logo & Link on conference website
and email invations
1/2 page 1 page large
Advertising banner with the following width
Exhibition floor space (incl. table and chairs, electricity 230 V, WiFi, waste disposal) - 3x2 m 6x2 m
Speakerslot (20 Min. + quetstion & answers) Presentation in Techical Session 1 Presentation in
Plenar-Session or 2 in Technical Session
Discount for further tickets 15% 35% 50%
Prices EUR 4,100 EUR 7,600 EUR 12,500

All prices exclude V.A.T.

* Logo placement: Conference flyer, cover page, presentation during conference breaks, logo and weblink on web page and in email newsletters.

From EUR 4.100,00*


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* All prices are exclusive of VAT, plus shipping costs.