Sponsoring PraxisConference Pedestrian Protection

Package Silver Gold Platin
Conference tickets including evening event 1 3 4
Logo placement/size* small medium large
Banners in foyer max. 1 m max. 1 m max 2,5 m
Exhibition Area at the Practical Part - 2x1 m 3x2 m
Discount for further tickets 10% 20% 25%
Prices EUR 2,500 EUR 5,200 EUR 6,400
Optional Sponsor Evening Event EUR 1,900
  • Your brochure as a supplement to the conference proceedings
Price EUR 800

All prices exclude V.A.T.
* Logo placement: Conference flyer, cover pages, presentations during conference breaks, logo and weblink on web page and in email newsletters.

From EUR 800,00*


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* All prices are exclusive of VAT, plus shipping costs.