October 30 – 31, 2024

The ADAS Experience


The ADAS Experience condenses all relevant development framework conditions such as requirements,
technical principles and development and release methods into a theory day, followed by a practical day on
the test track. Various test scenarios will be performed and examples of how the test technology can be used will be shown live in the test setup.

As more engineers in the industry are involved in ADAS and ADS technologies development and adaptation, it is important to provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experiences on:

  • Understanding the problem from real world data
  • Current and future requirements
  • Current and future testing procedures
  • Testing hardware and data acquisition
  • Simulation tools for ADAS/ADS development

The 2-day event will feature one day of lectures and a second day at the proving ground, demonstrating current and future test procedures and tools. Meet the leading experts in the field of safety related ADAS and benefit from the contact to testing technology suppliers and representatives of governmental and consumer protection organisations.

Consumer protection organisations have long included ADAS systems in their assessment criteria and will increase their share in the vehicle evaluation process in the coming years. To manage the balancing act between robust design/validation and the infinite number of scenarios in the field, a regular exchange of knowledge and experience between experts from OEMs, suppliers, test equipment providers and facilities, as well as legislators and consumer protection is necessary. 

Meet the leading experts in the field of safety-relevant driver assistance systems and benefit from contact with suppliers of test equipment directly at the place of use at the "Practice Day". 

Furthermore the concept of the ADAS Experience allows the demonstrations of test preparation, ADAS/ADS testing and data evaluation.