May 18 – 20, 2021 | Würzburg, Germany


Automated Driving and Safety

The hype about what is often called autonomous driving is increasingly giving way to reality. In recent years, even the greatest visionaries have realized that many questions still have to be answered, many barriers overcome and many challenges mastered in order to implement vehicle automation.

However, especially in times of the current crisis, it has become all the more clear that mobility must be regarded as one of the most fundamental basic needs, and mobility for all means that we must work on vehicle automation with full commitment.

In the Auto[nom]Mobil session of the SafetyWeek, fundamental and over-competitive necessities for achieving goals will be addressed and possible solutions will be presented. This expert dialogue provides the platform for an intensive exchange and is intended to accelerate the essential stronger networking of the participants.

Prof. Klaus Kompass

Program Director Auto[nom]Mobil –
The Experts´ Dialogue

Prof. Klaus Kompass
BMW Group

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