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The passive safety of motor vehicles has been a major focus of the automotive world over the past 4 decades. In this context, rear impact has also become the focus of legislators and consumer protection organizations.

Euro NCAP most recently changed the rating guidelines for whiplash in 2020, increasing the weighting in the adult rating to over 10%. The 2030 Roadmap announced further revisions to the whiplash rating. C-NCAP first introduced a dynamic whiplash rating for rear seats in 2022. On the legislative side, GTR7 - Phase 2 was also further developed and the BioRID dummy was enshrined in Mutual Resolution 1 (M.R.1). Because of the enormous volume of damage, the insurance industry also has a great interest in protecting occupants in rear-end collisions.

Autonomous driving

When the frontal collision becomes a rear-end collision.

Autonomous driving will enable new seating arrangements and occupant positions. To protect occupants in these situations as well, legislators and consumer protection organizations will set new requirements. These new requirements, as well as development strategies and solutions, will be a focus of this year's conference.

With the Conference 'The Safe Seats Experience', carhs.training has created a forum where employees of the automotive industry can inform themselves comprehensively and practically about this explosive topic. Through our concept of the Conference, where part of the conference takes place in the test laboratory, we combine theory and practice in an ideal way. In the ADAC laboratories, participants can take a close look at the BioRID dummy and the test setup according to the current Euro NCAP test procedures and gain an impression of the necessary testing efforts.


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