Thursday, July 01, 2021

Virtual Testing – Scenario Based ADAS Validation

Certification and homologation by means of Virtual Testing has been a goal in the automotive industry for quite some time. However progress in this area has been slow.

Ever increasing requirements from consumer protection and legal organisations are accelerating the pace for accepted procedures to use virtual testing as an alternative or supplement to physical testing and approval.

ADAS validation presents a significant challenge for the assessment by legal bodies or NCAP organisations as the number of scenarios and test cases is growing rapidly. has estimated that by 2025 approximately 5.000 different individual tests will be specified for assessment.

Our 2nd part of the series on Virtual Testing will focus on "Virtual Testing – Scenario Based ADAS Validation".

  • What are the technologies for virtual assessment of ADAS?
  • How are scenarios and test cases automated?
  • What is the status of sensor models and how are they validated?

Find out how to use virtual models in ADAS development and to prepare for the virtual testing of the future.

Expect presentations from international experts in modeling and simulation, as well as live discussions with the authors and other attendees during the breaks.