April 08 – 09, 2025 | Frankfurt/Hanau, Germany

Exploring SCALE.sdm:
Advancing Simulation Data Management

Discover Simulation Data Management with SCALE.sdm!

April 17, 2024 | 10:30 – 12:00

Join us for an informative workshop where Ferenc Leichsenring and Marko Thiele from SCALE GmbH will provide an in-depth overview of SCALE.sdm, an advanced simulation data management solution. Throughout the session, we'll delve into the three core components of our SDM solution:

  • Project management: Handling project administration, milestones, requirements, responsibilities, targets, and approval processes.


  • Model management: Managing model setup including CAD, mesh, simulation, version control, load cases, HPC-submission, documentation, and collaboration features.


  • Result analysis: Evaluating test and simulation results, generating reports, conducting correlation studies, and performing data analysis.

Gain valuable insights from the perspective of both users and project managers on how SCALE solutions can enhance your workflows. Live demonstrations will illustrate typical CAE processes and workflows facilitated by SCALE.sdm.

We welcome your participation in a constructive discussion exploring the potential integration of SCALE.sdm software into your existing environment. Join us to explore the practical aspects of simulation data management and its impact on your projects with SCALE.sdm!