Static Vehicle Safety Tests in Automotive Development


When thinking about vehicle safety testing people first think about dynamic crash tests of the full vehicle or crash simulations performed on a sled test facility. In addition to these dynamic tests, however, numerous other tests on the car body and components such as seats, steering, instrument panel, pillars, bumpers, etc. have to be performed during the development of a car. At first sight, these experiments perhaps are less spectacular, but in practice they are also very complex. The seminar provides an introduction to static vehicle safety testing. Static vehicle safety tests serve the determination of criteria to minimize injury that may occur due to an accident. The seminar covers the entire field of static vehicle safety testing, ranging from biomechanical research to legal regulations and consumer protection related requirements. It discusses the required test equipment (impactors, test facilities) and the typical load cases of the experiments. Finally, the testing specifications, including the protection criteria are explained.


The seminar is aimed at specialists from crash-related car body and component development, engineers and technicians from test and analysis departments as well as project engineers and managers.


After participating in the seminar "Static Vehicle Safety Tests in Automotive Development", the participants have gained an overview of the static vehicle safety tests to be performed on the car body and the components. They have acquired knowledge about the essential procedures in Europe and North America as well as their backgrounds and gained insight into equipment necessary to carry out the experiments.


  • Introduction
  • Static roof crush according to FMVSS 216a
  • Static door intrusion according to FMVSS 214
  • Test procedures for exterior and interior parts FMVSS 201U, UN R21 & R42
  • Testing of seats and head restraints according to FMVSS 202 and UN R17, R21 and R25
  • Test procedures on seat-belts according to UN R14 and R21
  • Test procedures for steering systems according to FMVSS 203, UN R12
  • Test procedures for child seat anchors (ISOFIX) of FMVSS 225

Matthias Kunkel
ACTS GmbH & Co. KG

Kunkel Matthias Kunkel has been with ACTS GmbH & Co. KG in the field of testing since 2000. As a test engineer, he is currently the team leader for component safety tests.

Alexander Martellucci
ACTS GmbH & Co. KG

Martellucci Alexander Martellucci began his professional career in physical laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry. Since 1992 he is involved in the testing of components for vehicle safety. Until 1995 he worked in the steering wheel laboratory and until 1998 he headed the airbag testing at TRW. Since 1998 he has been with ACTS GmbH & Co. KG until 2002 as head of the component laboratory, and since then as manager Technology.

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Matthias Kunkel
星期一 09:00 - 17:00



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