Vehicle Safety under Self-Certification: Principles, Obligations, Enforcement, and Remedies


When looking at regulatory requirements across different markets, it ' s common to think in terms of technical specifications, checking for differences in test procedures and performance criteria. However, failure to consider how the regulations are used can be a fatal mistake because safety authorities differ in how they apply and enforce their requirements. This seminar looks at the self-certification compliance and enforcement system which focuses heavily on monitoring the performance of vehicles in use. Compliance with the legal standards is only one part of a much larger, more complex system requiring the assurance of safety throughout the lifetime of every vehicle on the road. Manufacturers must have systems in place to detect possible safety concerns regardless of whether they relate to compliance with specific standards and must communicate continuously with safety authorities or run the risk of damaging recalls that can place the company in peril.


The seminar is aimed at employees from the development departments of automobile manufacturers and suppliers who develop vehicles for the U.S. market as well as all employees in the areas of product strategy, sales and warranty and defect management for the U.S. market.


This seminar provides a review of self-certification compliance and enforcement mechanisms toward helping manufacturers avoid expensive recalls, costly penalties, and lost reputation.


  • Background and origins of self-certification
  • Players and processes in U.S. rulemaking
  • Principles of U.S. safety compliance and enforcement
  • Role of product liability laws
  • Role of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)
  • NHTSA and FMVSS compliance
  • NHTSA and safety monitoring
  • Non-regulatory methods to ensure safety
  • Safety defects and motor vehicle recalls
  • Manufacturer roles and responsibilities
  • Outlook for U.S. safety policies

John F. Creamer

Creamer John Creamer is the founder of and a partner in The Potomac Alliance, a Washington-based international regulatory affairs consultancy. In his client advisory role, Mr. Creamer is regularly involved with meetings of the UN World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP.29). Previously, he has held positions with the US International Trade Commission and the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (representing the US automotive supplier industry), as the representative of the US auto parts industry in Japan, and with TRW Inc. (a leading global automotive safety systems supplier).

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25 Apr - 28 Apr 2023 English 1340 EUR  (1650 EUR from 2023.03.29 ) 4084
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John F. Creamer
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04 Oct - 05 Oct 2023 English 1340 EUR  (1650 EUR from 2023.09.07 ) 4155
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John F. Creamer
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