Basics of Additive Manufacturing (3D-Printing)


Additive manufacturing processes ("3D printing") are becoming increasingly important. While this technology was initially used to manufacture prototypes and models, additive manufacturing processes are now also used in series production. In the seminar, the potential areas of application and the current state of research and development of standard processes in additive manufacturing will be depicted. The seminar is rounded off with a presentation of potentials and restrictions for component production in industrial practice.


The seminar is aimed at specialists and managers of manufacturing companies, who are considering the use of additive manufacturing and who want to get a first overview of processes, possible applications and implementation models.



  • Basics of additive manufacturing processes
  • Potentials and challenges
  • Process chain of additive manufacturing
  • Current use in industry and prospects for future applications
  • Business models and possibilities for implementation in the industrial environment

Prof. Dr. Fabian Riß
Technical University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim

Ri? Professor Fabian Riß has been responsible for the teaching and research area of lightweight construction and additive manufacturing processes at Rosenheim Technical University since 2019. Before joining the university, he held various positions in research and industry in the field of additive manufacturing along the entire process chain. Most recently he worked for the European space company Ariane Group as an expert in additive manufacturing technology.




Dr. Dirk Ulrich
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