Advanced Seminar Additive Manufacturing (3D printing)


For everyone who has already learned the basics and gained first experience in the field of additive manufacturing (3D printing), the second step is the question: how can I integrate this technology into my company and what do I have to consider? The answer to this is provided by the Advanced Seminar Additive Manufacturing (3D printing).


The seminar is aimed at specialists from companies, such as manufacturing technicians or designers, who already have initial experience in handling additive manufacturing processes and who are considering the step into industrial use.



  • Product development and data preparation for additive manufacturing
  • Quality assurance and control in additive manufacturing
  • Process selection and technical-economic evaluation
  • Economic consideration of the processes, liability problems for the producer
  • Introduction of additive procedures and processes in the operational production environment: necessary operational infrastructure
  • Issues related to environmental and occupational safety
  • Practical exercises to get to know and to use different additive manufacturing processes

Prof. Dr. Fabian Riß
Technical University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim

Ri? Professor Fabian Riß has been responsible for the teaching and research area of lightweight construction and additive manufacturing processes at Rosenheim Technical University since 2019. Before joining the university, he held various positions in research and industry in the field of additive manufacturing along the entire process chain. Most recently he worked for the European space company Ariane Group as an expert in additive manufacturing technology.




Dr. Dirk Ulrich
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