Workshop Pedestrian Protection and Low Speed Crash


While pedestrian protection works best when sufficient deformation space is available, for example by means of component failure, damage to the vehicle must be kept to a minimum for the ECE R 42, FMVSS 581 and RCAR tests. In this workshop, the aim is to extend the scope of the simulation engineers ' work to include function development. This also includes the implementation of component changes and the solution of conflicting objectives. Thus, both disciplines (pedestrian protection and low speed crash) first present their requirements and design criteria, and then search for features that enable the resolution of the conflict of objectives. Subsequently, the tasks of the function developers are worked out in detail, from the definition of a design strategy to the preparation of tests, including hardware acquisition, up to the final release. The focus is on method transfer instead of training design criteria, which the participants usually master very well due to their daily work.


The one-day workshop is aimed particularly at CAE engineers from the fields of pedestrian protection and low speed crash. Both regularly face conflicting goals when designing the vehicle front end.


First, the involved groups (Pedestrian Protection and Low Speed Crash) present their respective development goals and constraints to each other to provide a basis for solving the conflicting goals. Then the physics of the relevant load cases are worked out in order to technically solve conflicting goals. In the final part, the participants are prepared to take on the role of a function developer.


  • Mutual presentation of legal and consumer protection requirements
    • Test areas on the vehicle
    • Load cases
    • Criteria and limit values
    • Consequences of non-compliance
    • Design criteria
  • Target conflicts
    • Recognize
    • Avoid
    • Disassemble
    • Solve
  • Function development
    • Dealing with time schedules
    • Determination of the design space and derivation of a development strategy
    • Pushing through of component changes
    • Test hardware: planning and logistics
    • Test execution: ensuring reproducible results
    • Homologation

Maren Finck gmbh

Finck Maren Finck is a Project Manager at gmbh. From 2008 - 2015 she worked at EDAG as a project manager responsible for passive vehicle safety. Previously, she worked several years at carhs GmbH and TECOSIM as an analysis engineer with a focus on pedestrian safety and biomechanics.

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Maren Finck
星期一 09:00 - 17:00



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