Crash-Course Additive Manufacturing


Additive manufacturing processes (3D printing) are becoming increasingly important. While this technology was initially used to produce prototypes and models, additive manufacturing processes are now also finding their way into series production. If you have not yet had the time to deal with this exciting technology, this seminar is the right place for you. In one day, you will gain a practical insight into the world of layer-by-layer manufacturing, learn about different processes and get some initial pointers as to what the next steps might be for your company.


The seminar is aimed at specialists and managers from manufacturing companies who are considering the use of additive manufacturing processes and would like to gain an initial overview about the processes, possible applications and implementation models. However, it also addresses specialists from companies, such as production or design engineers, who already have initial experience in dealing with additive manufacturing processes and are considering their industrial use.



  • Fundamentals of additive manufacturing processes
  • Potentials and challenges
  • Process chain of additive manufacturing
  • Professional applications in industry and perspectives for future applications
  • Business models and possibilities for implementation in the industrial environment

Prof. Dr. Fabian Riß
Technical University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim

Ri? Professor Fabian Riß has been responsible for the teaching and research area of lightweight construction and additive manufacturing processes at Rosenheim Technical University since 2019. Before joining the university, he held various positions in research and industry in the field of additive manufacturing along the entire process chain. Most recently he worked for the European space company Ariane Group as an expert in additive manufacturing technology.

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01 Sep 2025 Deutsch 890 EUR  (1090 EUR from 2025.08.05 ) 4450
Alzenau ( gmbh, Siemensstraße 12, 63755 Alzenau) » 注册
Prof. Dr. Fabian Riß
星期一 09:00 - 17:00



Dr. Dirk Ulrich
电话: 06023 - 96 40 - 66


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