Pedestrian Protection Workshop Flex PLI


The new flexible legform impactor Flex PLI has been implemented in regulations and consumer tests. The workshop introduces the impactor in detail and demonstrates how to handle it correctly.


Development-, Project-, Testing- and Simulation Engineers, Technicians, Mechanics


Course attendees gain detailed knowledge of the new Impactor and experience with handling and usage of the impactor. They understand the impactors functionality.


  • History, Biomechanics, Evaluation, Legislation
  • Assembly, Transducers, Onboard Data Acquisition, Technical Details
  • Disassembly along with Comments on Function of Components
  • Assembly along with practical Tips and Pointers to Specialities and possible Mistakes
  • Adjustments of the Compound Springs, Clamping Bolts, Stopper Cables, etc.
  • Demonstration of all Certification Procedures
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation of Test Results

BGS Böhme & Gehring GmbH

BGS B?hme & Gehring GmbH The German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) has a dummy calibration laboratory on its premises in Bergisch Gladbach. The company BGS Böhme & Gehring, founded in 1986, operates this laboratory on behalf of the German Federal Highway Research Institute. Their clients are renowned automobile manufacturers, suppliers and test institutes.




Dr. Dirk Ulrich
电话: 06023 - 96 40 - 66


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