May 17 – 19, 2022 | Würzburg, Germany


The 2021 SafetyExpo takes place for the 19th time and is the central exchange platform in the concept of the SafetyWeek. The SafetyExpo acts as a link for all events of the SafetyWeek. In the recent years more than 1,000 industry experts used the SafetyExpo to get an overview of the current market, make contacts, exchange experiences and to initiate collaborations.

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Kai Golowko,
Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH

Jürgen Krämer,
Instron GmbH

Sponsors and Exhibitors 2021

AB Dynamics

AB Dynamics is a trusted global supplier of automotive test and verification products and solutions, enabling the development of vehicles that are safer, more enjoyable to use, more efficient and sustainable. Customers include the top 25 global vehicle manufacturers, tier 1 suppliers, all eight Euro NCAP laboratories, numerous global test facilities and autonomous vehicle developers.
Solutions include driving robots, ADAS targets, drive-by-wire systems, kinematics & compliance test machines, driving simulators, path following and synchronisation software along with a full proving ground management solution.

Additium Technologies, S.L.

ADDITIUM is a high technology engineering company formed by professionals with more than 20 years of direct experience on the design, production, commissioning and support of custom made Test Systems.

ADDITIUM is specially focused in the automotive market. In its products and service portfolio, the "Active and Passive Safety Testing equipment" has a relevant position with specific solutions for Full Scale Crash Test facilities, E-Launchers, Crash Simulation systems (Sleds), Electrical SBA and other component level test rigs, that performs tests according international safety regulations or specific R&D requirements. All their systems incorporate unique innovations that facilitate the efficient and productive realization of tests and increase the profit of their clients, all over the world. Among others, they have recently introduced the full capability for E-Launcher to perform test with the new aPLI, including the safe recovery of the legform after the impact; and they have improved the control strategy on the crash test facilities to allow more functions like the pre-impact brake simulation.

ADDITIUM headquarters are located in Madrid, Spain, and they have local partners in many countries all around the world. ADDITIUM´s customers get the added value and benefits from the combination of a customer oriented company and the large experience of its team in the testing field.


ALP.Lab GmbH

The Austrian Proving Region ALP.Lab - your partner for safe and secure testing of ADAS/AD functions and self-driving vehicles

Real traffic monitoring, digital twin and cloud service
- Detection of real traffic situations with sensors on public roads
- highly accurate environmental data of Austrian motorways
- Cloud data service for analytics, simulation, and virtual testing
- Carrying out test drives in Austria

Scenario creation and implementation of ADAS/AD Active Safety Tests
- Rental of EuroNCAP compliant test equipment including team for test execution
- All-season ice-free proving ground in Croatia, special development tests in Austria and Hungary
- Mobile HiL platform SPIDER: sensor, component and system testing before prototype availability

Altair Engineering Inc.

Altair is a global technology company that provides software and cloud solutions in the areas of simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), and artificial intelligence (AI). Altair enables organizations across broad industry segments to compete more effectively in a connected world while creating a more sustainable future. 

Altair’s industry leading solvers simulate vehicle crash events, road debris
impacts, and shocks at the speed of your vehicle program. Altair’s ongoing
investment in vehicle safety, in collaboration with leaders in vehicle battery
research, now enables the efficient and accurate analysis of the mechanical
failures that could lead to a battery fire because of a short circuit.

Learn more at

Artrolux GmbH

ATD-LabTech GmbH

The ATD-LabTech GmbH is an independent, ISO 9001 certified supplier of testing systems, as well as a service and consulting provider regarding all issues of “crash test dummies”. We unite many years of experience in the areas of dummy technology, dummy testing systems, crash measurement technologies and special machine construction.
We deliver complete kits, which provide all necessary work processes for an absolutely user friendly, quick, precise, interconnected, ISO 17025 compliant, repeatable and therefore highly efficient dummy certification procedure.

Atlas Material Testing Technology GmbH

Atlas Material Testing Technology is a leading supplier of product environmental durability test equipment for automotive OEMs and worldwide suppliers. Another business segment of the company is high-end crash test lighting systems for high-speed imaging inside crash test facilities, which has been a specialty since 1976.

With more than 40 years of experience in production of high-speed lighting systems for crash-test photography, Atlas offers:
• Turnkey concepts based on LED or metal halide technology
• Quality light with high color rendering
• Flicker-free for >100,000 fps
• Automatic positioning solutions


Cellbond is an innovative provider of passive safety testing products and equipment within the automotive sector. We specialise in certified deformable barriers and ATDs. For more than thirty years we have excelled in the design and manufacture of engineered composite structures to become global leaders in the development and manufacture of deformable barriers, mobile crash barriers, energy absorbers, impactors, crash test dummies, spare parts, and test equipment. Services include design, prototyping and full-scale production, DAS integration, dummy certification and recertification in our ISO17025 accredited test facility. We work closely with automotive manufacturers, test facilities and suppliers, exporting over 90% of our products.

CSI Certificazione e Testing S.P.A.

CSI S.p.A., an IMQ Group Company, through its Automotive Division is a European center of excellence in the field of vehicle testing with an integrated platform of services, skills and facilities that span the entire range of new product development, from validation and regulatory and/or voluntary compliance checks to the homologation services.
The Laboratories are part of the restricted Network of the European Association EuroNCAP (7 laboratories) operating for 20 years in the active and passive safety rating of new vehicles for the EU market. CSI is also a permanent member its Board together with the representative of our country "Automobil Club Italia".
The same laboratories are Technical Centers for the Government Authorities of Motor Vehicles Homologation of Ireland (NSAI) - Netherlands (RDW) - German (KBA), for the validation of the EU homologation tests. GmbH


Shanghai Digauto Automobile Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Digauto Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., located in Anting Auto City, is a company that provides complete testing and validating solutions and services for the performance of ADAS and autonomous vehicles. We support the development of intelligent automobile products through innovative testing technologies and high-performance tools, and also provide complete testing and validating solutions for vehicle R & D institutions, third-party testing and measurement centers and intelligent automobile technology companies.
Full support and quick response are our consistent pursuits and directions in the field of engineering test services since our establishment. Whether for the mature ADAS test or increasing ICV tests, we will start from the project, deal with the problem and pain points of R&D, providing customers with complete solutions tailored to their testing needs.
Digauto has partnered with the leading test equipment companies 4activesystems and Genesys to offer the Chinese automotive industry a comprehensive support and service solution for all ADAS related testing equipment through the new DIGAUTO ADAS Service Center China (ASCC). The partnership will ensure maximizing the operating times of the testing solutions with a comprehensive local spare parts warehouse, 24/7 availability, a web shop for commonly used replacement parts and experienced service personal to assist.  

DTA: Driveability Testing Alliance
Automated Test Solutions for Active Safety

Booth 6&7
You are looking for a turnkey solution for testing ADAS Systems? Or do you need a flexible complete toolchain for real driving tests and your upcoming Active Safety tests? And all of it meets the requirements of NCAP AEB? Meet the DTA (Driveability Testing Alliance) at the Safety Expo for your individual testing requirements.

The four DTA partners are:
• 4a with over-runnable robotic platforms and the complete set of NCAP conform targets
• GeneSys with the GNSS-aided inertial System ADMA
• Stähle with the driving robots and
• AMFD from the Dresden University of Technology with profound competence and expertise for vehicle testing.

Users Benefit from more than 2 decades of know-how in positioning and motion sensing, targets, driving robots and consulting, service and research for automotive testing.

EDAG Engineering GmbH

360-degree engineering for the new mobile future

Highly automated driving, connectivity, eMobility, digitalisation, connectivity and safety through to production in the smart factory – this is the future of mobility. In precisely these future fields, the EDAG Group offers extensive development competencies for the vehicle technologies of tomorrow.
The EDAG Group is the world's largest independent engineering service provider for fully integrated solutions in the automotive industry. With over 8,600 experts at 60 sites around the world, we shape and define the mobility of tomorrow in the Vehicle Engineering, Electric/Electronics and Production Solutions segments.


After twenty-five years, ENCOPIM has become a reference in the delivery of testing turn-key solutions.
Our high-skilled engineering team is committed to provide tailored high-tech solutions for testing needs, focusing on crash simulation, impact systems and powertrain. We work in close cooperation with our customers at every project phase: from the sales’ technical assessment to after sales service support.
Keeping an eye on the needs of every testing engineer we have acquired a deep knowledge in testing that has made our solutions evolve in continuous upgrades to englobe the most innovative features in our mechanical and control systems.

ERNST + Co Prüfmaschinen GmbH

Founded in 1965, ERNST stands for reliability and quality “made in Germany” as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of crash test technology.

Our products range from crash systems according to the latest regulations to test stands for renowned car manufacturers and special test beds. Together with automotive engineers, car manufacturers and our automotive representatives around the globe, we develop application-specific solutions that fully comply with the complex needs of active and passive vehicle safety, as well as those of the highly complex test system industry.

Newest technology, innovative solutions, and closeness to the customer – from the initial concept to the finished product - build the foundation of our activities.

Engineering System International GmbH

Founded in 1973, ESI Group envisions a world where Industry commits to bold outcomes, addressing high stakes concerns - environmental impact, safety & comfort for consumers and workers, adaptable and sustainable business models. ESI provides reliable and customized solutions anchored on predictive physics modeling and virtual prototyping expertise to allow industries to make the right decisions at the right time, while managing their complexity. Acting principally in automotive & land transportation, aerospace, defense & naval, energy and heavy industry, ESI is present in more than 20 countries, employs 1200 people around the world and reported 2020 sales of €132.6 million. ESI is headquartered in France.

Fraunhofer EMI


GOM, a company of the ZEISS Group, specializes in industrial 3D coordinate measuring technology, 3D computed tomography as well as 3D testing and supports customers worldwide providing machines and systems for manual and automated 3D digitization, evaluation software, training and professional support from a single source.

Humanetics Innovative Solutions Inc.

Humanetics is the world‘s leading supplier in the design and manufacture of sophisticated crash test dummies,
associated test equipment and laboratory services, development of Finite Element (FE) software dummy models
for virtual crash test simulations, and specializes in development, manufacture, and integration of a comprehensive
array of sensors and Data Acquisition Systems (DAS).

Humanetics has expanded its portfolio into the field of active safety by acquiring DSD Testing GmbH - now
Humanetics Austria. Humanetics Austria is one of the leading providers of advanced active and passive test equipment, serving an extensive list of top automotive OEMs, Tier I suppliers and Euro NCAP labs. The extended product portfolio includes cutting-edge safety equipment such as the Ultra-Flat Overrunable (UFO) platform robots, soft target vehicle dummies, steering/pedal self-driving robots, intrusion cylinders, Advanced Side-Impact Systems (ASIS) and mobile crash blocks. In addition, Humanetics Austria provides indoor testing services, equipped with a 2MN Hyper-G catapult system and Controlled Application for Structure deformation System (ConAS) to test structural components of car bodies.


The Next Generation In Crash Simulation
Instron is the market leader in crash simulation sled systems with 90 facilities installed worldwide. The crash simulators are capable of reproducing a wide range of standardized and user-defined crash tests including advanced applications such as side impact and vehicle pitch simulation.

Instron’s acceleration sled systems are used for the development and approval of vehicle safety systems, vehicle
parts including electric vehicle batteries and also for the investigation of solids and structures during crash events.

With 90 systems, Instron consistently delivers innovation, performance and quality. Our direct sales and service centers around the world provide optimum support and customer proximity. Innovative and unique solutions for current and future tasks increase productivity and ensure efficient test operation.

Kistler Instrumente AG

Kistler, a provider of turnkey measurement solutions for the automobile industry, is a leading supplier of automobile crash measurement systems.

We deliver standard and custom solutions that make a substantial contribution to ongoing enhancement of vehicle safety and offer complete vehicle and component crash test systems, from sensors through to application software. Our intelligent systems play an active part in crash test preparation, with their integral self-testing and sensor detection preventing any loss of measurement data. In-depth cooperation with our customers and the application know-how of our engineers lead to a continuous improvement of our off-board and indummy systems. We are committed to set the focus on customer satisfaction and high quality solutions.

Kistler‘s portfolio which encompasses standard and special solutions for a wide range of crash scenarios and specifications is enhanced by mature software packages tried and tested over the years. Service and maintenance supported by our test equipment management software round off the comprehensive range of crash & safety products perfectly. Kistler‘s offering encompasses a wealth of other sensors, systems and custom solutions.

Further information is available from Kistler‘s website or the nearest Kistler branch or distributor.

measX GmbH & Co. KG

measX are experts for test cells and test data management with over 35 years of experience in system integration and software development. We develop custom solutions in the areas of data acquisition, testing technology, test data management and analysis systems using in research, development and production. Our customers include many global automotive OEMs and suppliers, as well as companies in the chemical, electronics and energy business.
Approximately 50 employees working at three locations serve global customers in Germany, Europe and beyond.
measX has been a Platinum Alliance Partner of National Instruments for many years, and is an active member in organizations such as AMA - Association for Sensors and Measurement, ASAM e.V. (Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems) and the Workgroup Data Processing Vehicle Safety (AKFZ).
„ADAS IIT-Innovation In Test“ – a cooperation of three other companies and measX – leverages their expertises in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Sensor Fusion, Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL), V2X communication, GNSS simulation, and data management to provide one-stop solutions for tests in development of automated driving vehicles.

MG Sensor

PCB Piezotronics, Inc.

Peters Engineering GmbH


Photron is a trusted supplier of high-speed cameras to leading research and industrial groups around the world, for 40 years delivering quality, reliability and high-performance for the most challenging imaging applications backed up by excellent support throughout Europe and overseas.

Photron continues to push the limits of sensor technology and camera design to deliver high light sensitivity, frame rates in excess of 2 million images per second and sub micro-second exposure durations as found in our flag ship products the FASTCAM NOVA and FASTCAM SA-Z

The FASTCAM Mini range satisfies the need for mid-range performance in a more compact package at an affordable price.

Our cameras are routinely integrated into systems for Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and we work with the most popular commercial suppliers of DIC systems and software.

Quantum Design

Quantum Design GmbH Darmstadt is a powerful European distributor and service organization of high-tech instrumentation for scientific, academic and industrial research. We offer components and leading edge systems with applications in materials characterization, spe¬cial cameras and imaging, electron microscopy, spectroscopy, photonics and nanotechnology.
AOS Technologies Switzerland is a leading manufacturer of top quality high speed cameras and imaging systems. AOS cameras are used in demanding environments where precise, accurate high speed recordings are a must. AOS Hi G-force rated cameras run in high frame rates using full HD sensors and provide insights of fast mechanical movements and serve as base for an accurate motion analysis.

SBI Schreiber, Brand und Partner
Ingenieur­gesellschaft mbH

SBI – concepts, planning and realization of innovative test facilities: your ideal partner for test facilities and complex test facility buildings for research and development. With the experience of 40 years of overall planning of test facilities, we share the challenges of the future with you, creating innovative and sustainable solutions. We guide our customers through the whole planning process: from concept to design and detailed planning, procurement as well as construction supervision to commissioning and final acceptance. SBI unites the competences of comprehensive overall planning under one roof. The bundled competences and the short communication channels between our different specialists enable the flexible development of holistic solutions.

Seattle Safety LLC

Seattle Safety leads the global market in destructive and non-destructive vehicle crash testing systems with advanced technology and a full spectrum of products and services. Headquartered in Auburn, Washington, the company began designing and supplying crash testing equipment in 1996, primarily to the automotive and aerospace industries. Since the launch of the ServoSled in 2002, Seattle Safety has been enhancing the performance of crash testing safety labs around the world across a wide range of applications that include occupant safety systems, bio-mechanical research, and vehicle structure test-ing. We have installed more than 90 systems for a variety of customers worldwide. Seattle Safety is dedicated to providing top-of-the-line, flexible testing solutions in order to improve vehicle safety, prevent occupant injury and save lives. We’re ready to support you with a complete systems approach, expert systems integration and hands on training.

Our broad range of test solutions includes:
- ServoSled Catapult Sled Systems
- Full Vehicle Crash Barrier Labs
- Dynamic Pitch Simulators
- Dynamic Yaw Simulators
- Accessories such as camera outriggers and top plate quick-change systems
- Decelerator Sleds
- Lighting Systems

TECOSIM Technische Simulation GmbH

With some 500 employees, TECOSIM is a strong partner for development processes and a specialist in CAE. The internationally active group has four branches in Germany as well as its own locations in the UK, India, Japan and Romania. Tecosim provides support for customers in the transport, energy, health and industry sectors. Its engineers work on challenging tasks in design, construction, simulation, electronics and software development. The services on offer are made complete by process optimisation methods, such as the TEC|BENCH virtual benchmarking method focusing on alternative drive concepts. As a driver of innovation, TECOSIM uses trend-setting methods and provides comprehensive consultation services.

Visol Inc.

VISOL, a professional high-speed lighting company, has provided 4kW (8kW boost) HMI lighting for the last 25 years and also POWRAY 2kW, 1.2kW and 600W off-board LED lighting and high-G 600W LED on board lighting sets for the recent 9 years which technically led the global market. VISOL also provides the automotive test industry with 4kW (metal halide) solar simulation systems. Based on our plenty of experiences through the lighting system design, consultant of crash facility and various high speed shooting tests, we recently have launched POWRAY300xx series which can replace 4kW Metal Halide lightings one-to-one at Crash Facility or Sled Simulation Lab by LED lightings, then this replacement enables to keep your current Positioning System. POWRAY300xx will be the lightest lighting for 3kW power in the world and meet the smooth and uniform illuminations like HMI lightings.

In cooperation with